Stitchimar (a.k.a. Experiment 630) is a genetically-engineered creature created by Captain Olimar and Dr. Jumba Jookiba.


Stitchimar is tan, with blue patches on his arms, legs and back. He is otter-shaped, with a long tail that lays on the ground. He has brown hair sprouting from his head. His nose is rather large and rests in the center of his face, between large black, tear-shaped eyes. Sharp teeth reside in this extraterrestrial's mouth, along with a long pink tongue.

When in his true alien form, Stitchimar retains his basic appearance mentioned above, but sprouts one (or two) pair of arms, six spines that run down the back of his head and down his back, sharp claws, two antennae on his head, and an extra pair of heads.


Upon his created, Stitchimar's only purpose was to destroy everything in his path. He would laugh at the chaos he caused, taking pleasure from harming others.

Abilities and Information

  • Primary Function: Ultimate bio weapon of unspeakable destruction! Just like Stitch, Stitchimar has retractable spikes, antennae, and arms, and also has some abilites like Stitch too. Stitchimar is pretty much pure evil and cannot be turned good, he will also kill as well. He has many powers (including claws, extra heads, venomous spines, acid, buzzsaw/ball, telekinesis, laser vision, plasma cannon blast, plasma shot, ice breath, fire breath, sonic roar, visions, electric shock, energy blast, super strength and radio) which he was given but rarely uses them, he has some he's never even used! Stitchimar also has a weakness, which is Frenchfry and Dupe, yet there are a suttle few experiments that can effect Stitchimar to a degree, those are Belle, Mr. Stenchy, Yarrp, Sparky and Clip. Stitchimar also wasn't supposed to look the way he is, because Olimar, when creating him realized he did not have the certain DNA strands he needed, he substituted it with his own, which is why he has Olimar's features, but but because of this it resulted in one small tiny glitch. Unlike Stitch whos glitch almost killed him, Stitchimar's is not that dangerous or fatal to him, it just renders him usesless for a few seconds. It is not known what causes these glitches but they have been known to last from 5 seconds to a full 10 minutes. It causes him to loose all control of his body (heads, arms, retracting limbs, tail etc).
  • Antennae: The antenna are also important to his senses, they pick up radio, radar and any other signals. They also detect movements that disturb the molecules in the air.
  • Spines: When stiffed, his back spines act as blades, so he can cut through anything as he rolls around in a ball. He also has a 4th spine which he can launch from his back that acts as a dart. He can only do this every 4 hours as he needs to wait for the spine to regrow. The poisin in the barbs on his back are and head are highly dangerous and extremely lethal! Almost instant death occurs when the poison enters the blood stream. The poisin is more like an acid from hell, its worse then the king cobra, black mamba, boomslang, rattlesnake, taipan, Australian Brown Snake, and Saw-Scaled Viper. It begins eating away at the injection area then spreading to the spinal column which will then start to paralyze the victim, slowly robbing the victim of the ability to breath, or control any muscle function. It dissolves the blood vessels,causing them to leak and he victim to bleed out and in like ebola, as it continues it destroys muscle and organ tissues, then reaches the optic nerves, causing your eyes to explode from the pressure and venom eating away at it, finally it then liquifies the brain, all in a matter of a few minutes. To defend against this last weapon of Stitchimars'.
  • Eyesight: His eyes can pick up infrared and ultraviolet light as well as visible light, and even see in the dark. He can filter out one or the other if necessary. His eyes color changes as he switches into different visions. Normal vision is plain normal black, ultraviolet is purple, night vision is green, infrared or heat vision is red, and binocular vision white.
  • Strength: He can manipulate objects 3000 times his own weight, because his muscles contain excessive compressed amounts of myofibril in one muscle cell. This muscular arrangement makes Stitchimar's muscles contract 1000 times faster than a human's muscle can. He also has 3 sets of arms and 2 extra heads. Unlike Stitch, Stitchimar can swim quite well, but like Stitch, doesn't like the water.
  • Smell: His nose has the olfactory nerve sensitive enough to pick up the slightest trace of anything in the air. His nose is highly sensitve as it is quite big. It is able to pick up any scent for a very far being distance away, smell up to 10 miles away. He breathes through his nose via thousands of tiny pores covering his nose. His nose is also highly sensitive to touch.
  • Claws: His claws are able to grip anything. Pads on his feet and paws contain a sticky substance allowing him to adhere to almost any surface and scale buildings and walls. He can scale buildings and walls due to extremely sharp retractable claws and pads which contains sticky suction-like substances. Stitchimar's feet have fused toe bones which enable him to dig his feet into the mountain sides and use them as mountain picks. Stitchimar's claws are made of hardened keratin, can rip open his prey like a rotten tomato. Stitchimar's claws can be retracted completely or harshly, but has almost never been seen with retracted claws.
  • Ears: His ears can pick up all noise within 0-500+ decibels. He can also act as a microwave radio receiver without any external equipment, he merely pops out his antennae and opens his mouth. He is highly sensitive because his eardrums are on the outside which makes him susceptible to being temporarily deafened. His ears can move up and down depending on his mood or if hes listening to sounds.
  • Tail: Stitchimar's tail has the strength of a fullgrown anaconda. His tail has the crushing force of 90 psi that can easily crush bones! As well as organs, he can also use it to manipulate objects as well.
  • Teeth: His very sharp teeth are capable of breaking through wood, bone, glass and weak metals. If one fall out, it is quickly replaced by a new one. His front row has incisors for tearing and back row has molars for grinding.
  • Brain: Can think faster than a super computer, uses 60-90% of his brain power, can operate any machine, can speak many different alien languages as well as earth languages. But prefers to speak in his alien language (Stitch's language) can also use telekinesis.
  • Weakness: Although Stitchimar seems godmoded (he isn't otherwise he wouldn't have a weakness) and super deadly, just like everything else, he too has a weakness and can easily be rendered useless by using Frenchfry and Dupe you will always be asured a 100% victory against Stitchimar. The reason is, Stitchimar is full of energy and is made to destroy, kill, rampage and wreak havoc. If Stitchimar becomes too fat to move he is then rendered useless and is too tired and lazy to move or to even use any abilities. This is when he safe to go near. If you have Stitchimar contained within a space jail cell, with Frenchfry and Dupe, he'll never get out. This is also why you see Stitchimar run whenever he sees Frenchfry.


  • Stitchimar resembles a cross between Stitch and Olimar.

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