Stofonian empire map large

Map of the Empire

The globe-spanning empire of the Stofonians, ruling most of the planet Ristkon by 1900 EYE.

"Empire" when used in connection with Stofonians is usually a translation of the word Elikaln.

Origins and Organization

By 1349 EYE, the Kingdom of Stofonia had been expanding for hundreds of years, and was already an extensive empire of sorts.

In 1349, the Elosian Empire fell to the Vians, Tigils and Ertcils. King Rostof I proclaimed that Stofonia was now "the" Empire (Elikaln), implying that there was only room for one single great empire in the world, and the fall of the Elosians left a vacuum that the Stofonians were now ready to fill. Thus began the Stofonian Empire.

The head of state was addressed as Elikalnstan. The formerly soverign title of Sinistan was now a subordinate of the Elikalnstan.

In 1440 EYE, the rapidly growing empire was re-organized as a Stenelikaln, or "empire-of-empires". The Stenelikalnstan directly ruled the Elikaln of Stofstan, while other Elikalnstanst ruled over more distant areas. Initially there were two elikalns; by the end of the empire there were five.

Climax and Fall

The empire reached its largest size at the end of the so-called "Last War", which ended in 1858. Only decades later, however, the empire fell apart in a war known the Fracture of the Stofonian Empire. By 1908, when the Republic of Stofonia became the new government of the original imperial capital, there was no longer any Stenelikaln or Elikaln level government. The dozens of imperial Sinist provinces became Post-Stofonian States.

The period following the end of the Empire has been marked by conflicts known collectively as the Alliance Wars, fought mostly by the states that once made up the Empire.


The fall of the Empire was never universally recognized or accepted. The Stofonian Restorationism movement seeks to restore the empire to its former glory. Followers of Rostofialism actually consider the restoration of the empire to be a religious duty.

Certain portions of the Empire have actually been re-united since about 1990 EYE under the military hegemony Republic of Stofonia, but this does not satisfy the restorationists.

External Links

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