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Beach House in Stone Harbor

Stone Harbor is a seven mile island on the southern coast of New Jersey. Many people would typically consider Stone Harbor a beach town, where most people come for the summer and not live year round.

Stone Harbor Camber of Commerce

Map of Stone Harbor

Wikipedia page about Stone Harbor, NJ

Clothes Shops

  • Free Shop
    • Trendy women's clothing store with all the latest name brands.
  • Suncatcher
    • Laid back surfer shop, but is overpriced.
  • People People
    • Preppy women's clothes and cute dresses.
  • Stone Harbor Apparel
    • Clothing for men, women, and children with the Stone Harbor Logo.
  • Sunglass Hut
    • Sunglasses store with all different brand names.


  • Sole
    • An Italian restaurant right near the main part of town.
  • Green Cuisine
    • A very healthy restaurant that has great salads and sandwiches.
  • Henny's
    • A laid back seafood restaurant.
  • Polly's Place
    • A great place to start the day for breakfast. It has fantastic omelets.
  • Uncle Bill's
    • A pancake breakfast place. Get there early because the restaurant gets busy quickly.
  • Harbor Pub
    • A all American restaurant by day and a bar by night.


  • Mini Golf
    • A mini golf place that is on the roof of another store.
  • Movie Theatre
    • When it is raining out and there is nothing else to do, you can go to the movies!
  • Stone Harbor Library
    • A great place to find books to read at the beach.
  • Island Water Sports
    • You can go tubing, jet skiing, or go on a sunset cruise. When the beach gets boring, come here with your kids.
  • Island Bike Shop
    • Rent a bike and bike around the entire island.
  • Fred's Tavern
    • A local bar that has live music on the weekends and a laid back atmosphere.

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