Stop Thief, Kick Buttowski is an episode of the All-Stars version of Cartoon Paradise.


  • Kick and Brad are relaxing with Jeff, Taylor, Sonic, Zoe, Nicole, Al, James and Annie one day when Dipper and Mabel Pines rush in and explain that a thief has stolen the trophies and the lunchbox. Kick could remember the thief and both he and Zoe set off to catch it. After that, the thief reveals to be Dr. Eggman and later that day, Honey and Harold congratulate Kick on helping Zoe catch the thief.


From Kick Buttowski

  1. Kick Buttowski (Charlie Schlatter)
  2. Brad Buttowski (Danny Cooksey)
  3. Honey Buttowski (Kari Wahlgren)
  4. Harold Buttowski (Brian Stepanek)

From Jeff and Taylor

  1. Jeff Jefferson (Jim Cummings)
  2. Taylor Tanner (Tom Kenny)

From Sonic X

  1. Sonic (Jason Griffith)
  2. Dr. Eggman (Mike Pollock)

From Life With Zoe

  1. Zoe Zamboni (Dionne Quan)
  2. Nicole Zamboni (Stephanie Morgenstern)

From Hoop-a-Joop

  1. Al Valentine (Yuri Lowenthal)
  2. James Rogers (Michael Reisz)

From Annie The Smart and Genius Girl

  1. Annie Roberts (Stephanie Morgenstern)

From Gravity Falls

  1. Dipper Pines (Jason Ritter)
  2. Mabel Pines (Kristen Schaal)


  • US: Michael Brandon.
  • UK: Michael Angelis.
  • This is the first time where Kick catches a thief.
  • This also marks the first time since 2003 to have the Rheneas and The Roller Coaster Runaway Theme.

Music Used

  •  ???


  • Michael Brandon: One day, Kick and Zoe were looking at the beautiful blue sky.
  • Kick: I wonder if i can get a rest.
  • Michael Brandon: Kick said to Zoe.
  • Zoe: Who knows?
  • Michael Brandon: Laughed Zoe.
  • Brad: Everybody except you, Dill Weed.
  • Michael Brandon: Insisted Brad.
  • Nicole: Honey and Harold seem to be a little busy. I'm tired of this ruthless behavior.
  • Michael Brandon: Retorted Nicole.
  • Jeff: You seem to be working on a holiday.
  • Michael Brandon: Said Jeff.
  • Taylor: Anyway, thieves can rob things.
  • Michael Brandon: Explained Taylor.
  • Sonic: Did you say thieves?
  • Michael Brandon: Sonic wondered. He was puzzled.
  • Al: It's when there's lots of thieves coming over to the Land of Cartoons.
  • Michael Brandon: Reminded Al.
  • James: And what's more, they can be burgled.
  • Michael Brandon: Added James.
  • Annie: Oh please! I don't have time for your lame excuses you guys.
  • Michael Brandon: Snorted Annie.
  • Kick: Well then, it's time that you're the one who's been burgled.
  • Michael Brandon: Grinned Kick. By now, he and Zoe were ready to go. Dipper and Mabel were talking about the burgled stuff that happened last night.
  • Dipper: I can't remember the time that burglar is causing major troubles.
  • Michael Brandon: Said Dipper.
  • Mabel: Come on, you're excited to see.
  • Michael Brandon: Laughed Mabel.
  • Dipper: Yeah right. I'd never get burgled by a thief.
  • Michael Brandon: Reminded Dipper jealously.
  • Kick: You know about the mysterious thief eh?
  • Michael Brandon: Said Kick.
  • Zoe: You can hear about Gloria Snute.
  • Michael Brandon: Chuckled Zoe.
  • Dipper: Oh yeah?
  • Michael Brandon: Hissed Dipper.
  • Dipper: You're the ones who'll be thieves.
  • Kick: Don't mind if i do.
  • Michael Brandon: Teased Kick.
  • Zoe: Or else you're down.
  • Michael Brandon: Replied Zoe. But at that moment, Gunther Magnuson rushed into the scene.
  • Gunther: Did you hear? A thief has stolen a trophy and a car and now he's on the run!
  • Michael Brandon: He shouted frantically.
  • Kick and Zoe: What!?
  • Michael Brandon: Exclaimed Kick and Zoe together. They were horrified.
  • Brad: What's going on, you Dill Weed?
  • Michael Brandon: Brad asked. He and Nicole weren't too happy to hear about the thief.
  • Dipper: A thief is causing major problems and now he's robbing the whole Land.
  • Michael Brandon: Explained Dipper.
  • Brad and Nicole: Oh my!
  • Michael Brandon: Gasped Brad and Nicole together. They knew the thief was behind all of this.
  • Jeff: Holy Man!
  • Michael Brandon: Exclaimed Jeff.
  • Taylor: You cannot be serious.
  • Michael Brandon: Retorted Taylor.
  • Sonic: I bet that thief was Eggman.
  • Michael Brandon: Snapped Sonic.
  • Al: He's the most evil genius in Mobius.
  • Michael Brandon: Insisted Al.
  • James: And he's up to no good.
  • Michael: Groaned James.
  • Annie: I'm so sick of hearing you about this.
  • Michael Brandon: Grumbled Annie.
  • Annie: I'm going to tell Emily Roberts about this and...
  • Michael Brandon: Before she could say anything else, a thief drove by at full speed.
  • Kick: There he is!
  • Michael Brandon: Said Kick.
  • Zoe: After him!
  • Michael Brandon: Shouted Zoe, and everyone gave chase to the thief.
  • Brad: You're not stopping us now.
  • Michael Brandon: Called Brad.
  • Thief: Oh yeah?
  • Michael Brandon: The Thief snapped.
  • Thief: It's not your problem, it's...
  • Michael Brandon: But his words were cut out when Kick attacked him.
  • Kick: This one's for you, loser!
  • Michael Brandon: He reproached. Soon, the thief was thrown out of the car.
  • Taylor: Let's see who you are?
  • Michael Brandon: Said Taylor innocently. He unmasked the thief and it revealed to be Eggman.
  • Sonic: So it's you, Dr. Eggman!
  • Michael Brandon: Yelled Sonic.
  • Sonic: You're the one who burgled everything!
  • Eggman: Please forgive me.
  • Michael Brandon: Said Eggman unhappily.
  • Eggman: I won't be naughty again.
  • Michael Brandon: Both Kick and Zoe understood.
  • Kick: Deal.
  • Michael Brandon: Kick said.
  • Zoe: It's a promise.
  • Michael Brandon: Zoe added.
  • Eggman: Phew.
  • Michael Brandon: Sighed Eggman in relief. Later that day, Kick's Parents came for a ceremony.
  • Honey: For stopping the thief i award Kick with a medal.
  • Michael Brandon: Announced Honey.
  • Kick: Why thanks, Mom.
  • Michael Brandon: Said Kick happily.
  • Harold: And you're the best for stopping the thief.
  • Michael Brandon: Added Harold.
  • Annie: I'm sorry i was rude to you, Kick.
  • Michael Brandon: Apologized Annie.
  • Annie: I'll promise not to be bossy again.
  • Kick: That's good.
  • Michael Brandon: Said Kick. He knew he had stopped the thief and thanks to him, he had saved the day.

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