Stories from Shining Time Station Season 4 is a Custom Thomas & Friends VHS Boxset that features stories from the 4th season of Shining Time Station. Released in March 1, 1998.


Tape 1:

  1. Whistles & Sneezes (Ringo Starr)
  2. Bertie's Chase (Ringo Starr)
  3. Steam Roller (Michael Angelis)
  4. Old Stuck Up (Ringo Starr)
  5. Duck, Toby & The Mean Crane (Barney the Purple Dinosaur)
  6. Saved From Scrap (Ringo Starr)
  7. Henry's Forest (George Carlin)
  8. James In A Mess (Ringo Starr)
  9. Sir Handel's Plan (Michael Angelis)
  10. James Learns A Lesson (Ringo Starr)

Tape 2:

  1. Gordon Takes A Dip (Ringo Starr)
  2. Gordon & The Famous Visitor (George Carlin)
  3. The Flying Kipper (Barney the Purple Dinosaur)
  4. Duck Takes Charge (Ringo Starr)
  5. Thomas Helps Gordon (Ringo Starr)
  6. Come Out Henry (Ringo Starr)
  7. Skarloey's Best Idea (Barney the Purple Dinosaur)
  8. No Sir Handel's a Fortress (Michael Angelis)
  9. Sur Handel Takes A Splash (Barney the Purple Dinosaur)
  10. Bulldog (Michael Angelis)

Tape 3

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