Bastard Greyhawk Organization
Storm Seekers
Type Adventuring company
Founded Before c -905 CY
Members Enemies of Kyuss
Leader Unknown
Headquarters Unknown
Allies Order of the Storm, Lashonna
Enemies Kyuss, Dragotha

The Storm Seekers were an adventuring band that was active circa -905 CY.


Little is known of the Storm Seekers' goals, though it is known that they opposed Kyuss and sought to prevent the Age of Worms.


The Storm Seekers are known to have participated in at least one significant historical event, the Battle of Rift Canyon, circa -905 CY. The group, aided by Lashonna managed to hold off Dragotha's undead hordes long enough for the Order of the Storm to retrieve Dragotha's phylactery and secrete it in [Kongen-Thulnir.


It is unknown if the Storm Seekers had any strict membership requirements, other than opposition to Kyuss and his minions. However, it is suspected that all of the known members had some degree of air elemental ancestry, given their otherworldly appearance.

The following are known members of the Storm Seekers:

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