Stormblade Super-Heavy Tank
Models Pattern I to VII
Origin Lucius
Weight 310 tonnes
Hull Length 13.5m
Hull Width 8.40m
Height 6.30m
Barrel Length N/A
Ground Clearance 1.20m
Armour 200-220mm
Maximum Speed 25 kph on road, 18 kph off-road
Crew 6 - commander, driver, main gunner, remote gunner, comms-operator, engineer
  • Turret-mounted Plasma Blastgun
  • 2 turret-mounted lascannons
  • Hull-mounted heavy bolter
  • 4 sponson-mounted heavy bolters
Main Ammunition 16 shots from photonic fuel cell
Fording Depth 2.40m

Not every Forge World has access to the STC data required to manufacture true Shadowswords, but many have sought to produce tanks that fulfil the same 'Titan-hunter' role. Instead of a Volcano cannon, these vehicles can mount turbo-laser, massive battle cannons or adaptions of other Titan-sized weaponry. In the case of the Stormblade, the Plasma Blastgun is modified and mounted in a Shadowsword chassis.

First developed upon Ryza, the Stormblade represents a viable alternative to the Shadowsword and its combat record confirms this. Whilst the Stormblade lacks the most advanced features of the true Shadowsword, including the long range targeting devices and the redundant main generator and capacitors for the Volcano cannon, these are replaced by massive photonic fuel cells to power the plasma weaponry. Space created by the removal of the capacitors is taken up by the weapon's extensive cooling system. Much like its smaller cousin, the Executioner, the crew is protected by extra heat shielding, but the vehicles larger size allows for a more efficient main cooling system, making the Stormblade a more reliable vehicle than the Executioner.

The Lucius pattern hull, the same in design as the Stormsword, includes a hull mounted heavy bolter and an armoured housing on the right side of the super structure for the vehicle's primary searchlight. To compensate for the loss of long-range firepower, the sponson turrets both mount lasscannon, adopting the fire control system from the Baneblade.

A final identifying feature is the addition of bolted-on armour plates along the side and around the super structure. Due to the relatively poor quality of ore, this has no additional protective value, although the increase in weight adds extra strain to the engine and power transmission, in turn requiring extra maintenance time.

On the battlefield, the Stormblade fulfils the same role as the Shadowsword, as a Titan-hunter. Lacking the awesome power of the Volcano cannon, the Stormblade must close the range to engage its preferred enemy, but to compensate for this, it is equipped with multiple heavy bolters for anti-infantry defence.

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