Bio for Stormy Jonay

Surname:Jonay-Myers Given Name:Stormy Known Aliases:Star Marse, Rose Walker Occupation:Jedi Master and Healer, pilot Legal status:Married Race:Human Gender:Female Age:31 Place of Birth:Hythrope IV Place of Residence:Rishi Former Place(s) of Residence:Hythrope IV, Intuci, Nar Shadda, Nal Hutta Affiliation:Jedi Friends:Khar Qel-Droma, Akima Devoe-Qel-droma, Mar'And Boolin, Maxwell Myers (husband) Lightsaber forms: Form I Shii-Cho, Form II Makashi and Form V Shien/Djem So


Height:5'9" Weight:110 lbs. Eye Colour:Grey-Green Hair:Brown. Other Features:White skin tone, thin. Has a couple of scars on her left leg from a fight.

Clothing:Black or grey pants, Black or Grey t-shirts or tank tops, and a pilots jacket with blue racing strips.

Uniform:Standard Jedi robes. Usually grey to black or brown.


Known Relatives:Sarai Jonay (Adopted, deceased), Jotun Jonay (deceased possibly), Feli Jonay (deceased), Yuan Jonay (deceased), Gaean Jonay (deceased), and Leagi Jonay (deceased) Father:Fritz Jonay (deceased) Mother:Sichi Gatter-Jonay, known as Darth Medea at one time, now known as Lady Sichi Son: Darik Myers

History: Stormy was born on Hythrope IV during one of the winter storms which is where she got her name from. Even at six months of age, she showed a strength in the Force that was unusual for her age, but not for her family. Her mother was a Jedi Knight and the guardian of Hythrope IV. Her father had been a Jedi at one point but had been severly wounded in an action gone wrong and left the order so that he could be with his wife. When she was ten her family moved to Intuci.

Growing up, she had many an adventure that gave her experience that would later on pay off or save her life or the lives of others.

When she was fourteen, her brother Jotun came home from the Coruscant university. She had gone out hunting with friends. While she was gone, her families estate and three of the local towns were attacked by mercenaries and pirates.

At age fourteen, the young woman had had Force training but nothing could prepare her for what hit her through the Force. Almost fifty thousand people were killed. Stormy could only find her mother's lightsaber when she looked for her. Out of her entire family, the bodies she didn't find were her mother's and Jotun's. She found a body that was similar to her sister Sarai...but Stormy couldn't be sure it was her.

Fueled by the pain of so many people dying and by a deep rage within herself, Stormy went on a hunting spree. She killed the pirates and mecernaries that had attacked her home. Relatia was a town that almost 600 people lived in on a well-known pirate planet. Stormy killed every last person there. She never found out who hired them or who it was that wanted it done.

After selling everything but the estate, Stormy used the money to buy a Lancer-class ship and went into smuggling. She went to Nar Shadda. Once there, Jargu the Hutt employed the young woman. She learned medical skills while working for him and acted as bodyguard and dancer. Even if she didn't have her saber, she could still hold her own in a fight. Jargu spared no expense in training his "daughter".

After working for Jargu the Hutt for almost five years, Stormy left his employment and became an idependant cargo shipper.

Other information: Two months after leaving Jargu, she was on Tatooine looking for new employment. There she met Orbisis Ex Allan. The Sith Lord recognized her potential and made a silent offer to join the Sith after seeing what the young woman was capable of doing with the Force.

Stormy however did not take him up on his offer. Instead, Ex Allan had served as a wake up call for the girl and she went straight to Coruscant after that fateful meeting. Once there, she was apprenticed to Master Valla Chi. She later finished her training under Mar'And Boolin.

As a padawan, her times of using the Dark Side came back to haunt her. Few in the Jedi order know of her having been a dark sider and even fewer know who she is the grand-daughter of. Her mother Sichi Gatter-Jonay was the daughter of Emperor Palpatine. Stormy had thought that her mother was dead and didn't try to see otherwise. This mistake would later on come back to haunt her and the rest of the galaxy.

Fourteen years have passed since when Stormy last was with her family. She has trained many padawans in her time.

The most successful of these was Khar Qel-Droma who has gone onto become a powerful Jedi Knight. She is currently training Dave Zekko, a young man that Stormy has come to see as a son almost.

Stormy, while on a mission on Corellia collecting plants for medical experiments, met Maxwell Myers who at the time was a member of the elite group known as FEAR. The sniper impressed Stormy and she couldn't help but begin to like the bold young man.

The situation with the Republic growing worse, Stormy lost contact with Max. Shortly afterwards, her mother Sichi Jonay broadcasted her speech. Joy filled her heart as she realized that her mother was alive and the woman she had last known.

Going and seeing her mom two or three weeks after the speech, Stormy was shocked to find her mother in great shape and but able to penetrate the shields that she had erected around the child that she now carried in her womb.

The child inside of her was six weeks old when the Jedi Exile began. The Jedi Exile occured, and her own personal exile began.

Five years roughly. She's had her son, Darik. She lives with her husband Max, though she and her mother often train together with silver lightsabers once more.


Turmoil struck for poor Stormy. Her mother, began to go down hill rapidly in health. Leaving her son with Max, thinking that she'd only be gone for a few short weeks, she went to her mother to do what she could and to try to ease her passing.

One week turned into two, two into three,...weeks into months. And soon, a year had passed. During that time, Stormy had lost all contact with the galaxy as she tried her best to aid her mother.

The night Sichi died, was one that the locals would long remember as the night of violent storms that had never been seen before and would never be seen again. Sichi, using an old Force technique, gave Stormy every bit of knowledge that she could. The end result of such an exchange caused Force storms planet wide.

Stormy, realizing that things had changed drastically for herself yet again, went in hiding. The planet had suffered causlities and deaths because of the storms, and she preferred, to be believed dead.

Returning to Hutt space, she took the name Star Marse up once again and went back to working for Jargu the Hutt. She's been watching his back ever since.

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