a new girl arrives in a class. The quiestest girl in class is to look after her and show her around the school.

The next day... The class is in science. They are copying something down for chemistry or something. Then a loud thoump is heard, everybody cranes their nect to see. The quiet girl is slumped on her desk, eyes wide open. But that isn't what scares them. Trickling in large waterfalls from the girls eyes is blood. She is bleeding from the eyes. The blood rolls down and forms a blackish-dimaond shape. Everybody is horrified and starts panicking.

Then the new girl speaks. "Such a unatural disease might be cured by an unexpected or rather an unusual event. If you believe, here's what you need to do. In my hand, there're four cards. you are to pick that suit to 'cure' her."

But how...there is no black diamond..or is there?

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