staring out over the open sea,a shadow casting over the waves, who is it that cries in my drams,that person who looks so much like me.

like the light residing in my heart Hidden ice crystals that shall shatter A merest wish, some thought i can't remeber the me that used to be the song never sung still resounds in my mind that person, that voice that me from so long ago... -MCS

a primary school is mixed with a primary school. each student has a diffrent history. The principal is a small boy with a creature-like cold-blooded killer for an assitant. There are mermaids with a fake identity and ghosts with wings and hidden gaurdians. All the while three triplets turn into massive singing stars and a goddess and her children get mixed up among it all.

All in all, its freaky, silly, outrageously wierd and hopefully funny.

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