Parellel Worlds..

A girl's brother died before she was born. When she was three years old, she dreamed of meeting him for the first time. He was five years old. then on her fifth birthday, again she dreamed of him. He was seven years old. then on her seventh birthday all the way till now, her twelth year on this world, she met him every single night. He met her and they talked like old friends, not realising what was going on, nor the who he was till she woke up...And gradually, ever so slowly fell in love with the sibling she had known, ever only in dreams. Unknown to her, he was going through the exactly same thing and he also had developed feelings for her. Strangely enough, the boy she talks to thinks she's his sister of whom he's never met. That sister had also died while in their mother's belly.

Parallel worlds? or... someone's doings?..or maybe just conincidence, but that's near impossible..isn't it? it's just too..unusual to just pass by...

boy: who are you? i feel like i know you..strange isn't it? where is this place? it's so old are you now? too. school was ok yea..oh, somone's calling, i have to go...sorry..bye. bright..its moring already...shit i'm so late, teacher'll kill me..first day back too..but, who was that? oh holy hell, did i speak with my sister again? that sister who never got a chance to open her eyes and see this world..but for some reason, i don't know appears in my dreams ever since i was..5 years old. if only my sister was real..maybe then i talk to her and know her better, right before she says something impotant, the dream fades away and its already morining...if only i could talk to her for real..if only she didnt die...

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