Small reality... a little girl sitting by candelight, a slight disease she has, a mute brother and no parents. she sews and sews, careful not to prick herself. her brother wants a story and the tale begins. each night a story, maybe diffrent, maybe same, each one touching and full og knowledge. and every day gets closer to the day of her death.



Not too long ago, in this world, lived a girl with an illness of ceaseless bleeding whenever hurt in any physical way. Not allowed to communicate with others, or go outside, go to school..anything normal children do everyday, she spencds each and every single doing hat she does best and loves best, sewing. Strange and dangerous, since a slight mistake will activate her illness. She has a baby brother who is mute. he is still in kindergarden. Unknown to her, he walks back and forth from school everyday by himself. But she does know one thing, he is constantly teased and bullied at school because of hs disability. One day when he was six years old, after a horrible 'accident' which took out his eye, (the reason as to why he's now half blind, with one eye missing), he came running to her, clothes torn and blood all over...they had no money for hospital fees and nobody would believe them so he was forced to take time off from learning to heal or at least tend to the wound. One particular nasty day, the lights went off, it seemed they hadn't paid their bills for awhile. So she took out a candle and sewed and tended to her brother by candlelight. During this time he cried out in pain and the forbidding darkness surrounding them didn't help. The sister tried her best to calm him down but he kept on screaming and thrashing about. The sewing kit fell, the needles dropped onto the floor, and the sister, in the darkness did not notice till she steped on one. She screamed and fell.More needles pierced her skin and she tried frantically to stop the bleeding, wincing in pain with each movement.

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