Long, long ago before spirits were un-substanced, there was a castle. the owner of the castle, a prince, was to rule the land fair and square. He did for some time. But about 10 decades later, his rule diminished and he became cruel and heartless. Uncaring for his people. But why would a child of the gods suddenly change, or more rather who can make him change??

Another prince said to be brother in all but blood with the first, roams the land, there are tales of him being asleep or hibernating till tomorrow arrives. Or of him raoming the land, or him having amnesia, unsble to remember who he is or what he is. another child of the gods. but an older god. One that holds the six suns up. ond day his sun will merge with lightning in his hand and yesterday will reappear, vanquishing and purifying. And all will be good again. But that is just legend..isn't it?

6o generations later

One day outside the spirit glen, a baby child is found. The only clue to her identity is in the medallion around her neck. But since she was found and raised b spirits, they named her..Emer Ria..or spirit child.. Shortly afterwards she grows into a healthy 3-year old and it is then that they discover, the hard way,her magic or rather, her element. Air.

Elsewhere in the neighbouring worlds..similar events occur.

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