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Episodes Can be Look and Fun from Story Time


  1. Paddington Bear Visits the Theatre/Can I Have My Ball Back Please/The Play
  2. Fiercest Dinosaur/Chorlton gets his Wheels/Haywire
  3. Noisy Neighbours/The Cloud/The Mountain That Moaned
  4. Just Like Me/Great Pumpkin/Arnold's Night Out
  5. Bungo up a Tree/The Coconut Harvest/All's Well That Ends Well
  6. Paddington Turns Detective/After the Storm/Balloons
  7. Sally at School/Snake Chase/Running Out of Steam
  8. Nightmare Sun/The Trouble with Claude/Return Of The Litter
  9. A Light in the Sky/The Day Of The Grand Race/Truffles
  10. The Day of the See-Through Chorlton/Paperwork/The Circus Comes To Wimbledon
  11. Sting/The Wheelhockey Derby/Lucy Loves Schroeder
  12. Do-It-Yourself/Snoopy's Trick/Horseplay

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