Corin is an ambitious fellow whose arrogance and lust for power have always driven him towards his ultimate goal; Immortality. Cocky to the extreme, Corin often calls himself an atheist, even whilst serving his Lord Finargon with utter loyalty and devotion...

Raised in the Thieves Guild, he soon mastered all arts of thievery under the tutelage of Lonewolf2 and various others. With these arts he made his way in the world, leaving countless tides of grief and despair behind him. It was upon one of these outings he met his future wife, Kilana, now Heroine of Death. At the age of 22 he proposed to her, and she accepted, and has been with his love ever since. His love for her is undying, as hers is for him.

It was around that time when Corin chose an Immortal he wished to follow. That Immortal was Kestanan, of Night, Thievery, and Shadows. Soon after he was appointed by Kestanan to be the GL of the Thieves Guild. Then came Finargon's rise to immortality. And, because of a deadly plant, Corin lay dying in the dark halls of Hellegost. Finargon, with his new found powers, was able to heal Corin, and gave him the choice of becoming one of his Heroes. Corin accepted. Yet, his blood was not fully cleansed of the vile plant's poison, and he was corrupted by Doubt and Despair. Forever changed...

Wise are those that do not try this one's patience or friendship, for the price could be lasting torment in the depths of despair..

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