Omnicat is a half-elf Wizard, who is dedicated to the Temple of Fate. Not only does she believe and teach Fate, she lives it, as evidenced by the many events that have occured within her life.

Left alone as a child at the door of the Temple, she was raised and schooled in the practices of Fate by Medea and Themis.

As suggested by Medea, and with the tutorage of Themis, Omnicat became a well known Arcanist within the lands of Terris. She often left hidden gifts scattered within the Temple, that she had made with her skill, much the same as Themis did in his youth.

After meeting, falling in love, and marrying Druid Droggan, she felt her life complete, they prayed for a child, a symbol of their love. But, as Fate would have it, Droggan disappeared from the lands for many years, only to make a sudden and very short visit once, before disappearing again.

When Droggan did reappear, some 8 years later, Omnicat found that she had been living in love with the idea of Droggan, and that she had lost that once deep love she thought would always be there. Even the birth of their daughter, Zalia, failed to rekindle within her that feeling of great love and devotion they once shared. Now, Omnicat still roams the halls of the Temple, this time with Zalia by her side, till she too grows, and will leave her one day, but Omnicat has found a seed of a new love within Windwalker. Only Fate knows her future from here...

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