The story began in Coneria (as in the game), and has progressed through Pravoka and Elfland. However, several events have been added into FFDynamics that were not in the original Final Fantasy (such as a legion of Imps harassing Coneria, civil strife in Pravoka between Mohawk Man's guild of thieves and Bikke's pirates, Astos trying to take over the Kindgom of Elfland, an arena for gladiatorial combat in the Dwarven Caves, etc.). Most characters also have their own personal backstories which, at any given time, may put them in battles with other rivals or get them on their own sidequests, which are in most cases not related to the main plot of FFDynamics. Of course, there are omissions as well as additions. One deviance from the original story is that there are not four “Light Warriors,” (though the PCs may all collectively be considered Light Warriors) and no ORBs are present yet.

Troubles in Coneria

The game began in Coneria on February 14, 2007 with three original signees, who used the names Atma, HIM, and Muteki. Atma and Muteki were rather unknown at the start, but it was revealed early on that HIM had a special backstory.

HIM, as it turned out, was a military commander from a northern kingdom. He was commanding an airship called the Final Approach, but the airship pilot directed the machine right into the path of two Red Dragons having a battle. The ship could not stand up to the BLAZE attacks and it exploded. HIM somehow survived and, using a piece of the wreckage as a parachute, made it to Coneria, where he was revived and funded with 100 G, given to his healers by a man with leather armor.

The game started with a Rude Guard directing them to spend a night outside the city walls, since they were new to town. The three went out and slaughtered the first few groups of Imps. Meanwhile, a fourth man named Dave Mlinko was also found and ordered out to spend the night outside. After killing two Imps personally, he joined the group of three beseiged by the forest creatures, and helped them all fight. It all led eventually to a climactic battle in which the newcomer Dave killed the Grey Imp captain of the scavengers, ending the fight.

The group then returned to town and tackled the other odd jobs around town that needed doing. The four discovered Pirates raiding a local mountain for ore, leading to them subseqently getting Rapiers and Chainmail from a weapons dealer made from the ore they obtained, followed by herb picking in a local swamp to obtain heal potions, where it was discovered that Muteki had a fear of spiders. However, the group eradicated the spiders and went back into town, now capable of buying Heal Potions.

Around this time, Dave, who had lost his memory while traveling to Coneria, discovered the dead body of his love interest, Erin, and subsequently recovered part of it. His rage at her death motivated the majority of his actions in the game from there on out.

The Imp Invasion and the Tournament

After handing the potionmaker the herbs, the group was called upon by the kingdom to lead an assault on the Imps, who had to die once and for all. However, when the group was trying to kill them, they were ambushed by a group numbering in the hundreds, where they were tied up and presented to the Ogre kings. After a long, fierce, and drawn-out battle, the four killed the two drunk Ogres, and the Imps scattered.

At this time, two Fighters by the name of Max and Bob joined the fray, killing Imps which were fleeing from the scene. Guy the White Mage also joined, undergoing a test at the local White Mage school consisting of a riddle and a fight with three undead, which he passed with flying colors.

After the Imp Invasion, a tournament was held amongst the current seven as well as an eighth man, a Thief named Slade. Atma downed him in the first round. Bob defeated HIM in round one, Max downed Muteki despite several SLEP spell attempts, and Dave beat the RUSE-powered defense of Guy.

Around this time, John the White Mage joined, and woke up in a mysterious Temple of unknown origin, having seen things beyond his comprehension. He fought his way out of the temple and got to Coneria, where he recruited several of the losers in the tournament to investigate the temple with him.

In the second round, Atma, relying on the FOG spell to buff his defenses, beat Max. Bob beat Dave with a controversial kidney punch/rapier stab combo. Bob attempted to avenge his friend Max, but failed to do so as Atma's FOG spell got him the win. The princess personally presented the award to him of several hundred Gold Pieces.

The Kidnapping of the Princess and the Rise of a Martial Artist

A daring plan by Garland enabled him to kidnap the princess right after she presented the award to Atma. A group of forest Imps then dragged the princess away, slew her guards, and took her to the Temple of Fiends, where Garland set up an ambush for the forces he knew would eventually attempt to get her back.

The current eight signees then went down the the Temple upon orders from the King. They were joined by Alphie, a friend of the princess (who mysteriously disappeared en route and was never heard from again). Garland then directed a classic pincer movement strategy against them, using undead Skeletons and Zombies to come at their flanks, but Atma countered his maneuvers in a fashion similar to that of a young Zhuge Liang. Dave and HIM then proceeded to work on Garland's Werewolf guards, but then Garland pulled a chain that sent a Creep into the unprotected group of white mages in the middle, although it was quickly roasted by a FIRE spell from Atma.

At this point, it became readily apparent from HIM's speech that he bore a long-standing grudge of some sort against the knight, but no one knew what the grudge was all about.

Dave and HIM kept fighting, but got the shock of their lives when the Princess revived and began attacking the group with fire attacks. However, the Werewolves were finally dead, and they moved on to fight Garland. After Muteki bravely sacrificed himself by taking a swordstrike from Garland, buying the group enough time to heal the battered and burnt Dave and HIM, the two, aided by Atma, peeled the armor off of Garland. Dave then finally ended the battle by shattering Garland's skull with an overhand nunchuck swing, making him fall dead to the ground. The undead legions that were being held back by Bob and Max were dispelled, and the princess revived.

Journey to Pravoka

After a tough battle, the victorious group returned to Coneria, and were immediately hailed as heroes. A bridge was made in Dave's name so that the group could continue to explore, although as a subtle reference to fsablazingsoul's solo Thief run, the group found out it was a rope bridge. After taking care of a few errands, the first group crossed the bridge, consisting of Bob, Max, Atma, and Muteki, and they made steady progress through the new lands.

At this time, Dave remembered fully the events of his past. As it turned out, he was working on a trade port called Cinder Island, when all of the sudden the island got word that a pirate crew led by Bikke was going to attack. Dave fought well with other volunteers to defend it, but he was outnumbered. In the fracas, he saw Erin fighting, and then he saw her get stabbed by a pirate, making Dave snap. After knocking out a large number of pirates, he made a raft and sailed away, passing out mid-trip from smoke inhalation, and he lost his memory of those incidents. However, after seeing Erin dead and being eaten by Wolves, part of his memory returned, and then all of it came back as several bounty hunters discussed the price on Bikke's head. However, Dave was dumbfounded to find out that Audrey, a fellow Black Belt Dave knew since they were kids, was conspiring with Bikke. Shocked and willing to set Audrey's mind straight for the better good, Dave made an oath to gain revenge on the people who ordered the attack on Cinder Island. After unnecessarily killing the bounty hunters, he recruited two White Mages for his purposes and got them Iron Hammers for their efforts. However,they quickly regretted helping Dave after he maimed a highly respected city guard (brother of the Rude Guard who had disrespected the adventurers earlier) with an overly powerful jump kick, forcing Guy and John to flee, dragging a completely plastered Dave with them.

Meanwhile, HIM wanted to obtain and wear Garland's armor, but it was too heavy for him, and the weaponsmith's attempts at making it lighter failed. HIM left in a huff, bumping into the Rude Guard on the way. The guard challenged him to a duel, but nothing came of it, and HIM went to the bridge, waiting on Dave, Guy, and John, who became the second group to cross the bridge.

The groups made steady progress through the land, heading towards Pravoka, not knowing that the only thing awaiting them was civil strife.

Strife Between the Thieves Guild and the Pirates

While the groups were traveling towards Pravoka, a war was going on in the harbor town there, where Bikke's pirates, having used this place as a base, were warring with a local thieves guild, led by a mysterious man with a mohawk. Two new Thieves, named ToST and Stephen, were given a chance to be in the guild if they stole some keys from the pirate headquarters, a task which was completed rather effortlessly. However, they caught the attention of a few pirates and bailed out towards the harbor.

Meanwhile, a rich local merchant sent two people, Eric, a black belt with a fear of black mages, and Obsidian, a lightning-casting black mage (who, incidentally, Eric did not fear), on a little trading expedition. After killing a few Wolves and Sahags, the two returned to Pravoka. Meanwhile, ToST and Stephen were fleeing away from the scene of their crime, being pursued by pirates who tracked them on the way out from the building. Just as Obsidian and Eric stepped onto the harbor, they walked smack dab into the path of Stephen and ToST, knocking all four of them out. They were captured and jailed by the pirates, but they escaped out of town, and ran into the group of HIM, John, Guy, and Dave. Eventually, they all returned to Pravoka, where ToST and Stephen returned the keys to their boss. Stephen then visited his family and went into a tavern, where he met Dave, who he had not recognized fighting previously.

Dave and Stephen, as it turned out, were old friends, from way back during the days when Dave was a mercenary-for-hire on Cinder Island. After swapping stories about their respective escapes from the island, Dave got intoxicated and laid the beatdown on several of Bikke's pirates. This alerted Bikke to Dave's presence, which he shared with his boss, Audrey. Audrey suddenly realized that, after the debacle at Cinder Island, she had the perfect chance to kill Dave, if she moved covertly and took her chances.

Stephen and ToST went on another mission for Mohawk Man, which consisted of stealing something of value from the merchant who employed Obsidian and Eric. After dealing with a couple Odd Eyes in a water tank, the group stole the object and completed the mission. Meanwhile, a Crazy Alchemist made a potion which he claimed gave invincibility to the drinker, although as it turned out the potion only made them easier to hit, and more likely to suffer criticals. The potion maker nearly got the hell beat out of him for his efforts, but he bailed himself out at the last moment by offering heal potions, which actually worked.

The two groups then reunited and met a man named Meriweather. A new person named Undine joined the game as the first female in FFDynamics, and divided everyone into three groups. One group encountered Matoya, meeting her just after John acted as a temporary medium for a casting of FADE. Matoya explained that her Crystal was stolen, and Dave vowed to retrieve it after finding out Audrey was behind its swiping.

Meanwhile, Audrey had become disillusioned with Bikke, and brought a revenge-seeking Battle Mage with impenetrable armor named Dominic into the fray. Based on the fact that Matoya got her Crystal stolen by Elves, it is also assumed Audrey had the backing of the elves, presumably Astos's ones.

The second group discovered a wizard's hideout, and some special Wizard Imps with the ability to cast FIRE and LIT spells. A WzImp cast a FIRE spell that melted the house, nearly burying Max had he not been saved by Eric, Stephen, and Obsidian.

The final group discovered the Peninsula of Power and got into one of the most epic battles in the history of FFDynamics, finally killing two Giants with the aid of great tactics form Undine and Atma backed by two metric tonnes of luck.

HIM left the game right after this quest was completed. His kingdom had been looking for him for a while now, and finally managed to located him. A woman (presumably Celes from FF6) led the airship to Pravoka, collected HIM, and returned him to his kingdom.

The other 12 relaxed and breathed easily, although the peace did not last for long.

The Battle Royale for a Ship and the Plot to Steal the Main Party's Gold

Four Giants, angered at the death of their comrades, went to Pravoka and attacked the city. The inn and item shop were in clear danger, but the party split themselves up and went at them. They somehow downed the four and saved the town.

As it turned out, the attack was planned by Audrey. The six Giants were imported from a mysterious monster dealer and sent to kill Dave and his friends. To get their attention, she sent them at Pravoka, knowing for sure that they vere valiant enough to try to protect the town and get slaughtered. However, she underestimated their power, and began more intensive plotting with the Elves.

Meanwhile, the head merchant that employed Obsidian heard about the Golden 12 and invited them to the local arena for a battle royale to get his galleon. The 12 were split into six groups of two based on class and were left to their own devices. However, a MUTE casting completely screwed all the mages in the fight, leading everyone to create the Pravoka Accord, which banned the casting of certain spells in arena combat situations. Bob, Max, and Guy were the last three standing, and Max and Guy ceded the ship to Bob in the end, mainly to prevent a 600-round battle between a "Blink Tank" Guy and the Fighter team.

Gradually, as the groups filed out, they noticed all their gold was missing. The newest three signees, XScorpion the Thief, who had lost his tongue to Kary in a solo adventure, X the Black Mage, who appeared to be a complete klutz, and Keeo the Fighter, a hard-luck warrior who was discovered in Pravoka after selling his Rapier for a sleeping bag, had something to do with it. The Mohawk Man duped the three of them into stealing the party's gold, giving them the impression that they were running security for his merchant operation (although XScorpion will argue that he knew the Mohawk Man's intentions all along). As people were eliminated from the tournament, most went to get their gold back, while Stephen and ToST went to find an ex-pirate willing to tell all about Bikke's next plan. The pirate revealed that Bikke had a shipment leaving for Elfland that was critical to Audrey. Stephen and ToST collected Eric and found Dave, who was starting to get more and more ruthless knowing they could have a crack at Bikke and Audrey.

Muteki took a different route, however, attempting to make money on a fishing boat with two Kyzoku companions, who were eaten by sharks while Muteki survived due to his skill with magic.

Meanwhile, the Mohawk Man found a Red Mage named Dano and converted him to his cause, giving him four Wizard Imps. The new three signees along with Dano ended up having a skirmish outside the city walls with Bikke's pirates. Mohawk Man himself then came out with dual Scimitars and dueled Bikke to a standstill while the pirates were mauled by Mohawk Man's subordinates. Eventually, seven of the FFD veterans met up with the four, learned it was all a misunderstanding, and then got their gold back and returned to town.

Pravoka Abandoned?

Short summary to be replaced: Pravoka explodes into chaos as the head merchant is murdered. The pirates and thieves battle in the streets and on the docks, and the large group of adventurers splits up onto several vessels, departing. Mohawk Man is left in de facto charge of the town, as Bikke is defeated and captured by Dave Mlinko's group.

Among the Dwarves and Elves

Short summary to be replaced: Various groups of adventurers visit the Dwarven Caves and Elfland, finding primarily friendly individuals, a welcome sight after the uneasiness of Pravoka. Fighters discover new combat techninques by training with the Dwarven Beastman, while mages learn new applications of their craft from the elven high mage Zaknafein.

The Forsaken Labyrinth

Short summary to be replaced: One hundred contestants enter the mighty Forsaken Labyrinth, a challenging maze with a rewarding prize to be awarded. Though teams as large as four are permitted under the rules, in the end it is a solo adventurer who triumphs, as the Red Mage Dano wins out over incredible odds, using guile and charisma to broker a deal with Bob and Obsidian that enables him to reach the exit. Even so, his final battle against a ZomBULL comes down to the wire, with the final blow coming mere moments before Dano himself would have fallen.

Elven Civil War: Whose Side Are You On?

As the Labyrinth competition drew to a close, the seeds were already being planted for a conflict that would change the balance of power in the Aldi Sea region. Astos departed the Labyrinth with Arithon in tow, and sent an astral projection to several other remaining entrants who were out of realistic contention at victory. Only Rocco accepted (although unwittingly), and Astos had already recruited Pie, Bikke, Mohawk Man, Audrey, and Dominic to his cause, along with the virtual captive Lacuna. With these leadership figures and a vast army of disgruntled dark elves that had been training constantly for some time, Astos was ready to make his move. If it were not for the elven high mage Zaknafein, then the dark elf forces would have met no opposition at all. Zaknafein, however, was made aware of Astos' plans, and made contact with other Labyrinth entrants to help bolster Elfland's meager defense squads. All those who were contacted were willing and able to help, albeit some for reasons of their own. As the dark elf forces approached Elfland from three directions, even sending a naval fleet, the light elf defenders and their new comrades hastily drew up plans to hold off the attackers and launch a counteroffensive at Astos' own keep.

Though the odds were long, Commanders Atma, Obsidian, Keeo, and Undine were hopeful in the hours prior to the conflict's onset. Undine had been selected to lead the expedition on the Northwest Castle. Obsidian and Keeo had been placed in the north and south respectively, with Obsidian in charge of the naval defense and Keeo protecting the city. Atma would oversee the critical western front, defending the elven palace itself. Though the others had to hold fast for any chance of victory, Atma's team had no safety net whatsoever, no fall-back point. Defeat on that front would mean the end of the war. Each commander had powerful assistance in the form of other adventurers, but as the full might of the dark elf army was revealed as they marched within sight of the city's walls, it became apparent that Potentate Pie had powerful assistance as well... and in greater numbers. Through dark elf battlemage scrying, Pie had command over the western and southern fronts, while Arithon commanded the naval invasion. An unseen hand directed the dark elves defending Astos' own lair. No matter the commander, one thing was clear. The dark elves were aggressive, hungry for victory, and deadly in battle.

The Bay of Elves Invasion: Obsidian attempted to maneuver the vessels under his command into a blockade of sorts before Arithon and Bikke's fleet could reach them. This tactic proved successful as a method of delaying the progress of the dark elves, but as the ships drew closer to one another, Obisidan, Bob, and Eric were able to see that their crews were miniscule compared to the crews of the dark elf fleet. Their scant few WzIMPs and KYZOKU were no match for Bikke's legions of NjPIRATEs and KYZOKU, and though he was loathe to do it, Arithon pressed the advantage in harrying the defenders. Soon, Eric found his WzIMP crew decimated, standing alone on his small fishing ship against an opposing pirate vessel. Drawing upon his training, he steeled himself against the coming onslaught, using a technique he learned from the Dwarven Beastman to try and block the piercing blades of his foes. Amazingly and against all odds, he clung to life as strike after strike was leveled against him. Unfortunately, his luck finally ran out, and he was run through. In the meantime, Obsidian called upon his black magic, calling down lightning upon his seafaring enemies, dropping them in droves. However, when Eric fell, this left Obsidian's galleon exposed to attacks from several sides. He attempted to flee in an effort to buy himself some time to reposition his fleet, but was struck down while changing direction. Bob fought valiantly as the fleet dwindled, striking down KYZOKU after KYZOKU with mighty strikes of his longsword. Even so, the odds were against him as the battle raged on.

Power Sweep, On Three: With two gaps in the city's natural defenses, Keeo's band of defenders faced the difficult challenge of holding off an attacking force that significantly outnumbered them. He tried to spread the defenders out enough to cover enough ground, but Potentate Pie proved to be one step ahead, sweeping a dozen attackers out eastward, where only a quartet of elves stood in position to block their advance. At the same time, Pie had troops engage the squads led by Dano and Guy, the closest two defenders. Keeo tried to charge across the battlefield to bolster the outnumbered group of elves, but again, Pie was ready for any contingency, managing to slip another group of attackers into the midst of the light elf lines, halting Keeo's advance and dooming the elven defenders. Led by Audrey, the dozen attackers made short work of the blocking force, making their way into the city briefly opposed by another quartet of defenders, quickly dispatched while Dominic and Mohawk Man battled Dano and X. Dano managed to defeat Dominic, but the hardy battlemage somehow escaped before he was finished off. X let loose with an explosive casting of FIR2 on Mohawk Man, finally gaining a measure of revenge for having been duped by him back in Pravoka. Eventually, the remaining dark elf attackers were dispatched, but it was clear that Audrey's group would breach the palace long before they could be caught from behind.

Into Hell's Heart, I Stab At Thee: Undine was tasked with the most uncertain mission of all, heading into Astos' keep. How many defenders did he leave in reserve? Were there traps in the Northwest Castle itself to ward off intruders? These were questions that would not be answered until it was too late to change anything. With Muteki, John, XScorpion, Stephen, and Rick as backup, Undine led a bold expedition into the heart of dark elf territory. Unbeknownst to them, ToST was headed towards the same destination, emerging from a passage from the north with Bork and Uber in tow on his quest to find Arylon. While Undine's forces cautiously made their way through the forest surrounding the keep, ToST led his partners right up to the gate, disguised as a dark elf patrol. The knights at the gate were wary of his approach and so did not grant entry, instead directing him to a group near the treeline in response to his request for healing. Just as ToST was heading back north to this group, Undine's own group emerged from the western treeline. Taking advantage of his successful ruse and this distraction, ToST's trio struck hard at the unsuspecting dark elves, just as the attackers sent by the light elves engaged the roving dark elf patrols. On this front, at least, things went well for the light elves. Though Undine in particular was disturbed at the suicidal determination of some of the outmatched dark elf troops, after a difficult battle they were dispatched, and the attackers prepared to enter the keep.

No Quiet on the Western Front:

All Hail King Astos: War's Aftermath

  • Western Front

Despite the valiant efforts of the light elves, Elfland fell to Astos's army. All of the troops on the western front were massacred by Pie's might, and the PC's were captured. They were thrown in the dungeons, presumably to rot, but were soon released by Renquist, a new PC who had been trained personally by Astos in his simulatron to be the supreme warrior. However, Renquist found he did not have the heart to personally kill the elven prince when asked by Astos to do it (Because Astos could not take the prince's life with his own hands), and administered a sleeping potion to him instead, given to him by Zaknafein. Both Pie and Renquist were given orders to gain the crown for Astos, and to use whatever means necessary to do so. One of the things Renquist saw he could use to help him in his struggles was his brother, Max, who had been captured. Splitting into two groups, they departed for the Marsh cave, and eventually made it there.

  • Southern Front

Despite having enemies break past their lines, Keeo, Dano, Guy, and X did not get captured. Determining that going to help the western front would be suicide, the group decided to head to Astos's keep to see if Undine's group had made it out alive, and if so, form a resistance group to strike back at Elfland.

  • Astos's Keep

Moving into Astos's castle, Undine's resistance force met with fortunate luck. There were some enemies inside the place, but nothing the group couldn't handle, and commenced to relieving Astos of various items he had left sitting around. At the end of their looting, they were fortunately met up with by the Southern Front group, and the group descended to the basement for one final treasure. The treasure was Arylon, who had been mind controlled by Astos, and was guarded by Hydras, whom were defeated in turn. After X and Undine attempted, and eventually beat a numerical puzzle, ToST managed to free Arylon, and take her back to Corneria for rest and recouperation. The groups eventually decided to go to the Marsh cave as well, but I honestly forget if they did it on their own or had prompting from Zaknafein! Sorry!

What Happened After

Well I think they went into the Marsh cave and fought some crazy lady with some mirrors who was all "haha I got wizards in teh mirrors and they will pwn you" and XScorpion was like "bring it i'll take you all down." Anywayz then they came back to Elfland and were like omg Astos still has teh keepz we should ownzor him and take it back. XScorpion was like yeah ok lets do it so they split up and FSA was like "i <3 atma for some reason so he gets to be teh generels" and XScorpion was like wow thats hax cuz everyone knows im the most infamous character but w/e cuz i would just suicide you guys anyways lol! so then they were like ok lets take the villages and the forests cuz theres some ecklectic orbs there that will pwnzor the guys on the west front and only teh mages can zap the orbs so lets go there and meanwhile the western guys have to put up with treebuckets and astos and lightning and all of a sudden BAM theres like 5 earths but thats ok says atma we can take em

So anyways the next thing you know the earths all get pwnt and then theyre all like o snap we have to get to the castle but theres these 2 bottlenecks and were gonn get pwnt but atma is still all "lol ez" and forms up the pplz so they can punch threw 1 side but then at the same time the other side is coming at them and theyre like omg what r we gonna do? Well the answer came later on so ill come back to it 1 sec...

on XScorpion's front (the best front obviously) theres this barracks and its all like OH SNAP cuz it spawns guys so eric or dave or whoever was like "ok lets go " and xscorpion was like lawl ur all nub but ill play along cuz im cool anways then one team ran into some necromancer who was all LOLOL I LIKE UNDEAD and he spawned zombies but theyre ez cuz the guys played resident evil before. anywayz then xscorpion and some guys surrounded the barracks and meanwhile some group ran into a bunch of wolves that were spawning and rite behind them was the wizards and the orb OMG yea i know but later XScorpion finds out they werent just wizards they were DEwizards and they hurt alot but it would be ok. anywayz once they got the barracks they had to fight this ghost of asstoes and xscorpion was all lol -2ez- cuz theres like 8 of us and one of him but it ended up being 7 cuz on round 2 one of the archers got insta-pwned but they still won and one of the wizards managed to not die and was able to zap the orb after dave almost suicided against it but managed to live (damn). also rdy lost that stupid imba egg that he got that made him not suck so now he is weaker than XScorpion again hahahaha.

meanwhile on the northern front the pplz are freaking out cuz they have to fight mirror battles and theyre like omg how do i stand up to myself (well XScorpion don't know cuz he'd team up with his mirror self) anyways they got lucky or sumthin and then ran into another ghost of asstoes LOL but they got lucky and obsidian got a critical or sumthin and he died and they were all yay! but XScorpion was like ah damn they got away oh well

anyways now they all r headin out to the west front and since theres like a billion good guys and xscorpion to boot, asstoes dont stand a chance lol hes gon get pwnt unless he got somthin up his sleeve( and knowing FSA of course he does).

OK so anyways XScorpion's mad skills obviously made them totally pwn the western front and now they are all like omg we hav to go pwn asstoes now but he is the suck and will rubpwn the first guy so guess what Dano lol you get rubbed have fun w/ that (although XScorpion thinks Atma should be the guy who gets rubbed, we'll see) anyways so they split up the groups and its like half of them go and fight asstoes and half of them go and are like lol we get to raid the castle and steal its women i mean loot.

OK so half of them went to fight asstoes and the other half went to raid loot and so far we're like lol this should be ez and it pretty much was and then all of a sudden BAM theres like 100 guys still around like wtf I thought we killed them all outside? anywayz there were 2 new guys - weaver and lord the lord i think is like a souped up knight which makes since cuz lord > knight lol and the weaver just casted TMPR and tried to cast FAST but he got pwnt first lol anyways so far thats it not much happened since last update ill fill more in when stuff actually happens besides battles OH BTW XScorpion's group is officially called XScorpion and Lackies because that's what it is $$$$

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