Diesel 10 and the Trucks/ Cars (US)

Diesel 10 is called back to Sodor through the magic buffers to deal with some troublesome trucks. Diesel 10 has no clue that the troublesome trucks cause tricks. He is told not to use his claw to scare them or teach them a lesson. The troublesome trucks cause tricks on Diesel 10, not knowing he has a claw. Diesel 10 was told to keep his claw inside his cab. He was only allowed to use it to pick up debris. The troublesome trucks are loaded up and ready to go. Percy arrives to take the troublesome trucks full of debris to the scrap yard and bring the troublesome trucks back to Diesel 10 so he could re-load them. Percy pulls and pulls but the troublesome trucks do not budge. After several attempts, Percy gives up and is all puffed out. Diesel 10 brings out his claw and rips one of the troublesome trucks into smithereens. The other troublesome trucks are very scared and come along easily with Percy all the way to the scrap yard and back. Diesel 10 thinks he did a good job, Sir topham Hatt certainly does not...


*​Diesel 10 has no eyebrows when he comes out of the magic buffers.

*Percy pulls but his wheels go backward at first.

*When Diesel 10 curnches the troublesome truck, it's face is gone.

*Sir Topham Hatt is missing his tie at the end.




Diesel 10

Sir Topham Hatt

Troublesome Trucks (do not speak)

Trevor (cameo)

Duck (cameo)

Belle (cameo)

James (Cameo)

Bill and Ben (cameo)

Donald and Douglas (Cameo)


* This is Diesel 10's first appearance in an episode, not a feature length special/movie.

* One of the troublesome trucks have a CGI version os S.C.Ruffey's face.

Oh, Duke, That Would Never Suit His Grace!

Duke is busy shunting freight cars when Rheneas arrives. He is all scratched up and sleepy. Duke is surprised and Rheneas tells him he had been working in Blue Mountain Quarry when a landslide fell on him. He was trapped in there for hours until Skarloey and Duncan managed to drag him out after the workmen dug some of the rocks away. Duke is sympathetic- but curious. He had never been to Blue Mountain Quarry before. He was wise and old, but he couldn't resist. He was only going to say hello to his narrow gauge friends and leave- that's all. He asked Rheneas to show him where Blue Mountain Quarry was. Rheneas took him and introduced him to Luke. Duke, Skarloey, Peter Sam and Rheneas start shunting freight cars, but Rheneas falls asleep on the upper terrace. Owen and Merrick don't notice- Owen was too busy, Merrick was sleeping as always. Duke was shunting with the freight cars in front of him so he couldn't see in front of him. Duke rams into Rheneas and gets in trouble by Sir Topham Hatt and Mr. Percival for leaving Crovan's Gate and causing trouble in the Quarry. They also scold Rheneas for falling asleep on the upper terrace. Duke is upset and asks to put things right- and does that very well!

Butch's Busy Day

Butch is working in the Sodor Search and Rescue Center with Edward, Toby, Flynn, Belle, and Diesel. The engines were busy shunting trucks and hauling jobi logs, but Butch wasn't busy at all. The siren sounds and Butch is sent to find Bertie, Trevor and Harold. He finds Bertie stranded at Crovan's Gate, overheated in his engine. Sir Handel has to take his passengers to the Wharf so James can take them to their destination. He tows Bertie to the Rescue Center and goes to find Trevor. He tows Trevor in a few minutes later with a cracked funnel. Harold has a snapped propeller and needs Thomas to collect him on a flatbed. Butch thinks he can tow Harold, but when he tries to, Harold scrapes along the pavement. He deicdes just to wait for Thomas. Butch arrives back at the Rescue Center and although, he made a mistake, he was a very useful vehicle!

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