The Stranded are the Humans that were left behind in Sera after Emergence Day. The Stranded were the people who couldn't get to the Jacinto Platuea. Once the generals of the COG had unleashed the orbital beams on Sera, the Stranded were all left dead or homeless. So, they were alone in the fight against the Locusts, until the COG arrived to help kill the Locusts.


The Stranded at one point ran into Delta Squad on there way to find a car. The Stranded showed the Gears to the gas station, but, they forced Cole and Baird to stay behind as collateral so that the Gears would come back and help the Stranded out against the pending Locust attack. As Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago went to the gas station to pick up the car The Stranded were attacked by a massive all-out attack on them, Cole, and Baird held them off as well as they could, but The Stranded were too weak to hold the Locusts off for long. As, Marcus and Dom arrived back at The Stranded' territory they fell into the attack. with the help of Marcus and Dom the Locusts were driven back into there Tunnels, but, The Stranded was all but killed. Most every Stranded was left dead, and the few that were left would be grateful for what the Gears did that day.

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