This is Stranded Sketch #1 from Season 2 of The Amanda Show.


Narrator: This is a 1971 luxury convertible. We locked six strange people in this car stranded in the middle of a parking lot in Downtown, Oklahoma. These strange people are: Tony Pajamas, Mr. Gullible, Debbie, Judge Trudy, The Bailiff, and a Dancing Lobster. [the agents force the people in the car] The rules: you leave the car, you lose. The prize goes to the last person remaining in the car. [the cash register rings] $1,000,000. [an agent slaps Tony Pajamas' hand] Now, let's see how long these strange people can stand each other in a locked car... [one of the agents puts the case in the trunk and the Stranded logo appears] Stranded. Day 1.
[Judge Trudy bangs her gavel on the dashboard]
Judge Trudy: I hearby call this competition to order.
Tony Pajamas: Hey, this ain't no courtroom and you ain't judge here.
Debbie: I like eggs.
Tony Pajamas: Who gives a rat's hat?
Mr. Gullible: My name is Mr. Gullible. I bet ya I'll win the $1,000,000.
Tony Pajamas: Hey, Gullible. Go get me a soda.
Mr. Gullible: But if I exit the vehicle, I lose.
Tony Pajamas: Oh, no, no, no. Uh, they changed the rules.
Mr. Gullible: Really?
All: Yeah.
Mr. Gullible: Oh. Well, if that's what the rules say, then I'd be happy to fetch you a soda. [opens the door and gets out, but the siren wails and the agents take him away] Wait, no, but they didn't change the rules! What? I'm angry with all of you!
Tony Pajamas: [takes his toothpick out] One down.
Narrator: With Mr. Gullible gone, [Mr. Gullible's name gets taken down] only five participants remain. The tension mounts. Day 7.
Bailiff: Man, I gotta get something to eat.
Tony Pajamas: Me too. I'm starvin' over here.
Dancing Lobster: [mumbles]
Tony Pajamas: [points to the lobster] I'm gonna eat this lobster.
Bailiff: Not if I eat him first.
[they tackle him and he falls out of the car. the siren wails and he runs off, but the agents take him away]
Agent #1: Come on, you're coming with us.
Bailiff: Two down.
Narrator: [the Dancing Lobster's name gets taken down] Only four participants remain.
Debbie: I like eggs. I like eggs. Eggs I like. I like the eggs.
Judge Trudy: Look, kumquat. Unless you got some eggs, I suggest you shut your headhole before you let stupid juice all over the place.
Debbie: I like eggs.
Judge Trudy: That's it! [tries to tackle her but Bailiff and Tony Pajamas stop her]
Narrator: They're hungry, they're tired and now on day 20, it's time to vote one of their own out of the car. Who will it be?
Debbie: I like eggs. I like eggs. I like eggs. [Judge Trudy holds up a "Debbie" sign] I like eggs. I like eggs. [Tony Pajamas holds up a "Debbie" sign with a "Y" at the end] I like eggs. [Bailiff holds up a "Debbie" sign] I like eggs. [holds up an "eggs" sign and the siren wails] I like eggs. [the agents open the door and take her out] I like eggs. I like eggs. [she gets taken away]
Judge Trudy: Three down.
[Debbie's name gets taken down]
Bailiff: You know, I like eggs too.
Judge Trudy: [bangs her gavel] Silence!
Bailiff: Excuse me.
Narrator: Day 34, only three contestants remain. They've eaten nothing yet over a month. They don't smell good. [Bailiff bites on the seat and chews on it] They're desperate for food. They resort to eating parts of the car. [Tony Pajamas bites on part of the steering wheel and Judge Trudy eats another part of it] No one expected what happened next.
Tony Pajamas: So say a friend of mine steals this kid's bicycle, right? But nobody sees me, I mean that sees him do it. But I mean that he is my friend. Get in trouble for this or what?
Judge Trudy: You disgust me.
[police siren wails]
Tony Pajamas: That don't answer my question.
Policeman: Tony Pajamas.
Tony Pajamas: Pa-jah-mahs.
Policeman: [opens the door and Tony Pajamas almost falls out] You're under arrest for stealing our bicycle.
Tony Pajamas: Who squealed on me?
Policeman: You did. We were watching the show.
Tony Pajamas: Ah, great.
[the policemen take him away]
Judge Trudy: Four down.
[she and Bailiff high-five each other]
Narrator: [Tony Pajamas' name gets taken down] Two people remain. Judge Trudy and The Bailiff. Who will win the $1,000,000? Which one will it be?
Bailiff: Judge. Judge Trudy.
Judge Trudy: Yes, Bailiff?
Bailiff: The $1,000,000 is in the trunk, right?
Judge Trudy: Correct.
Bailiff: And the keys to the car? They're right there in the ignition.
[Judge Trudy stares at the keys, then at him and he stares at her]
Judge Trudy: I'm thinkin' Vegas?
Bailiff: Hit it, Judge.
[Judge Trudy starts the car and they dance]
Agent #1: Uh, no, no, no. Uh, wait, wait. You can't do that. That's not in the rules. [Judge Trudy reverses and turns it around while the agents run after them] Alright, bring that car back. Hey. Hey, come on. I'm serious! [they chase them as the Stranded logo appears]
Narrator: Next time, take the keys out.
Bailiff: Sorry.
[Judge Trudy takes off and they start chasing]


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