This is Stranded Sketch #2 from Season 2 of The Amanda Show.


Narrator: This is a bathroom in Downtown, North Dakota. We locked five strange people in here, stranded in a bathtub. These strange people are: Courtney, Marcy Stimple, Amber, Mr. Gullible, and a Hillbilly named Eenis. The rules: you step out of the tub, you lose. And the prize goes to the last person remaining in the bathtub. $1,000,000. [Marcy Stimple tries to catch it, but it's no use] Now, let's see how long these strange people can stand each other in a bathtub... [the Stranded logo appears] Stranded. Day 1.
Marcy Stimple: Yay, yay! The contest has started. Yay, yay, yay, yay.
[Eenis laughs]
Courtney: My name's Courtney.
Eenis: Who's there?
Courtney: Ma-ha!
[Amber files her nails]
Mr. Gullible: My name is Mr. Gullible. I lost this contest the last time. But this time, I'm gonna win.
Amber: Oh, like, you already won.
Mr. Gullible: Really?
Amber: Yeah, congratulations.
[Eenis laughs]
Marcy Stimple: Yay, yay, yay!
Amber: Your prize is right out there.
Mr. Gullible: Well, this was easier than I thought. [steps out of the tub, but the siren wails and the agents arrive] Oh, no. It happens again. [they take him away] Wait, I'm angry with all of you!
Amber: [waving goodbye] Thanks for playing.
[Eenis laughs and Marcy Stimple snickers]
Narrator: With Mr. Gullible gone, [Mr. Gullible's name gets taken down] only four participants remain. On Day 9, they start getting on each other's nerves.
Marcy Stimple: You have pretty hair. [flings Amber's hair] I like it, I like it, I like it.
Amber: Thanks. My hair is one of the many reasons why I'm so popular.
Marcy Stimple: My foster mother says I have pretty hair too. Wanna? Wanna touch it? Wanna, wanna, wanna, wanna, wanna, wanna, wanna? [runs to Courtney]
Courtney: Ma-ha.
Marcy Stimple: Huh?
Courtney: Ma-ha.
Marcy Stimple: Don't do that.
Courtney: Ma-ha.
Marcy Stimple: Stop it.
Courtney: Ma-ha.
Marcy Stimple: Stop it!
Courtney: Ma-ha.
Marcy Stimple: Stop it!
[Eenis laughs]
Courtney: Ma-ha.
Marcy Stimple: Stop it!
Courtney: Ma-ha.
Marcy Stimple: Stop it, stop it, stop it...
Courtney: Ma-ha.
Marcy Stimple: Stop it, stop iiiiiittttttt!!!!!!
Courtney: [holds up a doll replica of herself] Doll?
Marcy Stimple: Ohh. Oh, a dolly. Thank you. I love, love, love, love dollies.
[pulls the pull-string]
Courtney doll: Ma-ha.
Marcy Stimple: [screams and throws the doll in the air and it lands by the toilet. she steps out and the siren wails] Aah! [growls and runs to her left and runs away from the agents as they chase her away]
[Amber waves goodbye and Eenis laughs]
Narrator: Day 29, only three participants remain. [Marcy Stimple's name gets taken down] They're hungry, they're tired, and they're still... [Eenis has a marker and a sheet of paper] stranded. [they write down who wants to be voted out] Now, it's time to vote one of their own out of the tub. Who will it be?
[Courtney holds up an "Amber" sign]
Amber: What? You can't vote me out. I'm the most popular person in the tub.
[Eenis scoots closer to her and holds up a "Courtney" sign misspelled as "Kortnee"]
Eenis: [giggles] I voted her out. [Courtney shows her goofy teeth] So you'd make me a love.
Amber: What?
Eenis: You're purtier my sister.
Amber: Ohh! Ugh. [crosses out Courtney's name and writes her own name as Eenis giggles] Huhh. There, I vote myself out! Because you disgust me.
Eenis: [giggles] Who's there?
Amber: [frustrated] Uhh!! Can you please get me away from him? [the agents take her away as the siren wails] Uh-huh, yeah. Finally. Bye.
[Enis giggles and Courtney stares at him]
Narrator: Day 51. Only two contestants remain. [Amber's name gets taken down] Courtney and Eenis. They're exausted, delirious. But one of them is going to be a millionaire. Which freak will it be?
Eenis: [lying on the tub floor and giggles] Who's there? [sits up] Who's there? [Courtney blows a kleenex and sticks to his face] Hey, what's this?
Courtney: Snot.
Eenis: That's a good. Hey, tell me a knock-knock joke.
Courtney: Ma-ha!
Eenis: [sobbing] Please, tell me a knock-knock joke. I really need a knock-knock. So please, tell me one.
Courtney: Knock-knock.
Eenis: Who's there? [Courtney doesn't answer] Who's there?! Who's there? I know someone's there. I'll, I'll, I'll, I know, uhh... Who's there, who're there? Who's there? [she still doesn't answer] Agghh! [runs out of the tub and opens the door, but the siren wails] Who's there? [an agent opens it and takes him away, then the other agent closes it]
[Courtney smiles]
Narrator: And the winner... Courtney.
Courtney: [puts her arms up] Ma-ha!
[she dances and dollars bills rain down in the tub]
Narrator: That's right. Dance, dance.


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