Strantper & Mullper
Genre Animation
Adult comedy
Country of origin Template:TVUS
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 16
No. of episodes 409 (list of episodes)
Producer(s) Touchstone Television]]
Location(s) New York City
Camera setup Studio audeince
Running time 22 minutes
Original network ABC
Picture format SDTV
Audio format SDTV
First shown in 1993
Original release March 3, 1993 (1993-03-03) – PRESENT
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The Jerky People is an American animated adult comedy television series about two human-sized rats that airs on ABC.


  • Strantper H. Rat: (voiced by David Herman): Strantper is the smartest and privater of the two. He Likes to use a hammer to stop the rapping music, Education, Sciene, Concertrations, Privacy, Educational Videos, Warning Mullper and Spanky's Modern Life (some episodes, except the others), he hates Mullper, His Friends, His Videogames, Interruptions, Being Annoyed, Being Name Called, FOX Animations and Rapping songs. His catchphrase is That/Those (Show/Shows, Guy/Guys, etc.) Is/Are Gonna Piss me off when he is annoyed.
  • Mullper H. Rat: (voiced by Dan Castellaneta): Mullper is the happy-go-lucky and annoying one of the two. He likes to annoy Strantper alot, let him watch Spanky's Modern Life, have some friends over, play videogames, call Strantper rude names, FOX Animations, Rapping songs and being warned.

Referenced Shows/Movies/etc.

Original Reference Episode Notes
America's Funniest Home Videos The Rudiest Home Videos The Rudiest Home Videos Unknown
Armaggeddon Rude-a-greddon Rude-a-Geddon Attack of Mullper's swearbox
Blue's Clues Unknown Strantper's Shock the Jump into the Picture frame sequence
Family Guy Unknown Mullper-Tubed Strantper hates it
Futurama Unknown Starntper's Future The Heads in Jars scene
Good Will Hunting Bad Will Haunting Strantpering in the Wind Reference to the Robin Williams movie
MADtv Mad TV Various episodes Sketch show
Rocko's Modern Life Spanky's Modern Life Various episodes The show Strantper hates. The concept is like RML, but with a rat instead of a wallaby.
Starship Troopers Starship Ratpers Starship Ratpers Fighting bugs
Super Mario Bros. The Italian Talking Video Game Heroes Super Mullperio World Strantper hates it
The Ren & Stimpy Show The Sten & Rimpy Show Mullper-tubed Reference to the popular 90's Nicktoon.
The Simpsons The Stinksons Various episodes The FOX animation Strantper hates.
Wayne's World Mullper's City Mullper's Show
A SNL Skit