GRAILS is a web-development framework based on the Groovy programming language. It's probably the actual most important project in the groovy echosystem. It's more precisely a 'metaframework", since it in most part the union of various existing java frameworks like Hibernate, Spring and Quartz.

What suddenly blinked in my mind is that what I want to do is nearly the same, but for wargames: a framework wich allows the creation of a wide range of strategy games, with variable rules and specifications, and then run and play them over the web.

With GRAILS you have at your disposal different tasks, for example for creating a new application, or new domain objects, controllers, views, tests, etc, and for execute tests, run the application, generate install packages.

I realized that Strategic should practically do the same kind of tasks: create a new game system, new rules, entities, tests, views, controles, domain objects, etc.

So, the successive thougth has been: is there a way to use grails for Strategic?

The first idea is to implement a whole new framework using grails as a reference. But soon I found infos about the Grails Plugin support. The point is that the purpose of Strategic is to become a web based "Configurable Strategic Game Engine". The keyword here is "web based", and it's there that grails come into play.

A web game is by all means a web application, not so different from a logistic&retail system, human resources management app, or a banking websites. And grails is just about that: the implementation of a web-app involving user access, authentication, accessing databases, providing services, etc. So, what's left to be done to provide the instruments to facilitate the implementation of games. This include data structures, libraries for common operations, graphics, common pieces like ranking, chat, etc.

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