The Game Package Definition is a description of what the structure of this packages should look like, aiming to develop a standard definition for the packs, with folder structures, configuration files, description of optional and mandatory components, ad so on.

It should contain

  • Rules
  • Entities definitions
  • Standard configuration files
  • Graphics
  • Computer Controlled Players
  • Some signature to ensure version compatibility

Ideally, it should not contain any piece of java code, but only XML definitions (eventually with pieces of script) and rules, with some configuration files to glue everything together.

Let's try to define a folder tree structure:


Just like JEE WAR, this package can be deployed as an archive, or as a flat folder. Ad run-time, the engine will decompress the archive into a working directory, and precompile/generate resources as needed. It should also provide some kind of caching.

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