Project Information

1. Submitter: aragorn_83

2. Project UNIX Name: strategic

3. Project Descriptive Name: Customizable strategy game engine

4. License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

License other:

5. Project Description: A game engine, written in java, intended to be fully customizable and portable on multiple platforms. It allows players to use python and xml to reproduce any kind of miniature or tabletop games. The intention is to reproduce games like Warhammer 40K (tm)

6. Registration Description: (Achtung! Awful english...) The core of the game will be written in Java, using the standard libraries. Additional modules or external softwares may use other libraries, or even different programming languages. Basically, it's intended to be used via a java compliant browser, using applets. It will run under every OS, and also every hardware, able to run a Java Virtual Machine. It should be possible to play it even on slow machine, maybe via command line. The purpose of this game is to allow war-gamers to play over the net with their favourites games, or test their armies without spend money in useless units. It will be also useful for war-game designer, or keens to develop their original rule-sets. Future developments may include an AI modules, to allow gamers to play against the computer.

Major obstacle are the implementation of a plug-ins/modules system, and the development of data files and rule sets.

Major features are:

-generic engine, able to load rule-sets.

-a modular structure, which allow users to adapt the system to match their needs.

-an editor to simplify the editing of rule-sets and other data-files

-a web interface and a command line interface as basic user interfaces

-well defined system interface to allow an easy integration of new modules, or third party application (ie.clients)

Project should be based on scripting languages like python for modules/plug-in and for the definition of rules sets, and XML for the description of data-files.

Other projects that has something similar with this project can be Boardgametool, Megamek and Stratagus, which are on Sourceforge:

similar, but for rts games. Not portable "as is".

The most similar to the purposes of this project, but non portable. Needs many specific libraries, and depends on linux and gnome. Not so easy to install.

Portable, easy to install, but implements only a specific game system (Mechwarrior)

This project will join some aspects of those projects:

- support for "point based" (like miniature war-games) or cell based (like chess or risk) games

- scripted game systems implementation

- easy to install, and portable game server

- customizable and expandable system

Since the application is written in java, and can also support web access, it could be an option to use resources for testing and demonstration purposes, but the game does not need to access online data

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