This is a bonus feature on the Alex, Terrence and Sheridan's Big Holiday DVD.


  • Taylor R. Smith: Okay, so now that we've got that VeggieMunk Christmas episode done, let's give a sneak peek to our next show - "Strawberry's Great Escape." I want to give credit to Pixar for their full-length features and their short films. Those gave me - you know, the inspiration to write this that really launched our next show and gave you the details. Alright... "Strawberry's Great Escape Sneak Peek: Take 1." (Snaps clapperboard)
  • (Stage curtain opens to reveal Larry and Mr. Lunt, dressed in their Pirate costumes)
  • (Crowd cheers)
  • (Caption "A brief message from Larry and Mr. Lunt")
  • Larry: Okay, get this.
  • Mr. Lunt: We have been kind throughout the years. So like that, we're making our next show called "Strawberry's Great Escape."
  • Larry: It's the sequel of It's a Meaningful Life.
  • (Border falls down behind them, knocking Pa, dressed in his pirate costume, flat)
  • Pa Grape: Oh Jenkins! Ow! Would you get out of here!
  • Larry: The action begins on a moonlit night.
  • Mr. Lunt: Three boys meet Elliot and Sedgewick - played by Larry and me.
  • Larry: Alvin pulls a tree branch off a stump.
  • Mr. Lunt: And then they meet a girl.
  • Larry: Hey, Petunia. Can you play the part of the main hero for the next show?
  • Petunia: Yes, I will. Gotta memorize my lines for it.
  • Mr. Lunt: Then an angel spoke to the boys.
  • Larry: Although that girl had to fill in for Dave Seville.
  • Mr. Lunt: The boys made an announcement and told them that Martin Marigold came to town.
  • Larry: Mr. Nezzer?! Can you play the main villain, Martin Marigold?
  • Mr. Nezzer: Okay.
  • Mr. Lunt: The day after, Elliot, Sedgewick and that girl went to speak with the Mayor.
  • Larry: When Alvin does canyon guarding, he stands up to a guard who is threatening one of Stewart Green's relatives and sends him downhill. He convinced the workers it was a big mistake.
  • Mr. Lunt: That evening, they board a boat and sail off. And that girl went down deck and saw a surprise.
  • Larry: (Noticed Jean-Claude and Phillipe with their cowboy hats, and they were Reuben and Judah from Veggie Tales episode "The Ballad of Little Joe") Can you play Reuben and Judah?
  • Jean-Claude: We've played them once.
  • Phillipe: We'll play them again!
  • Larry: And so, off they go, of course; they run into the storm at sea.
  • Mr. Lunt: Everything goes horribly wrong, and of course, the captain is over the side.
  • Larry: He was swallowed by a shark, but Alvin was still worried and nervous about convincing the workers that it was an accident.
  • Mr. Lunt: That was when Elliot and Sedgewick decided to follow her.
  • Larry: The night after, Calvin tells them that they should drop their sails...
  • Mr. Lunt: ...Alvin starts his energy grabber and steals their luggage. Even their frozen yogurt machine.
  • Larry: And let's not forget that basketball hoop.
  • Mr. Lunt: Then they had a faceoff in the palace.
  • Larry: We can't give away the ending now. You gotta see it to believe it.
  • Mr. Lunt: I know the lesson of this show is about courage. (hops off)
  • Larry: We'll see you there! (hops off)


  • This is real historic for several reasons because George (Pa Grape) had a voice eerily similar to Mr. Nezzer.
  • The only known commercial release was on the said DVD.

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