Trailer 1

  • (VeggieTales logo shows up)
  • Narrator: For centuries, parents and teachers have read these sea adventures to the delighted children everywhere. But there is one tale - that has yet to be told.
  • Harold: Course they'd be spitting if they saw you wearing that cap and sweatshirt.
  • Alvin: Really?
  • Calvin the Grumpy: Big deal! Make them! Big deal! Dough yeah!
  • Narrator: Have you ever felt like the Lord was your strength and that you wanted to do what is right?
  • Jonah the Sneezy: He's taking our luggage!
  • Calvin the Grumpy: I'm sure he'll figure something out.
  • Narrator: VeggieTales presents a heroine for the ages.
  • Alvin: On this very island, no one can hear you scream or shout.
  • Narrator: Times get tough when a greedy man schemes to foil every good deed by turning people into slaves.
  • Calvin the Grumpy: If you climb onboard and rip our sails, I will have to call the police and they will have you arrested and taken to jail.
  • Seymour the Happy: Everything seems to go without our lives.
  • Trevor the Sleepy: He's making up another fish tale. It's a myth.
  • Narrator: You got it. When things go sour...
  • Sedgewick: Uh-oh...
  • Narrator: Will the end of the world be near for this heroine, or will she stand up to Mr. Marigold?
  • Mayor Jimmy's Assistant: Nobody draws a dodgeball in the mayor's office. But... me.
  • Sedgewick: Fire!
  • Elliot: Retreat!
  • Narrator: Share a boatload of fun with your family!
  • Captain George: You never need to be afraid to do what's right.
  • Narrator: She's persistent. She's precocious. She's a pioneer. And she's sailing your way to a DVD player near you! Bring home The Great Escape! on DVD and Digital Download today.

Trailer 2

  • Narrator: Get ready, for an all-new full length high seas adventure.
  • Alvin: On this very island, no one can hear you scream or shout.
  • Townsperson: Um, actually, I heard him.
  • Skateboard Boy: Yeah, me too.
  • Narrator: With "The Great Escape!" On DVD.
  • Mr. Marigold: The lead singer is making me quite distressed!
  • Petunia: This doesn't sound good at all.
  • Elliot: Did you tell him what can happen?
  • Narrator: Now's your chance to rocket around the seven seas! With all your favorite friends!
  • Alvin: Taking care of you will be easy as pie!
  • Elliot: Um, I think we have a problem.
  • Sedgewick: No.
  • Narrator: Learn the importance of the true light of strength, and unlock the benefits of courage!
  • Sedgewick: Fire!
  • Elliot: Retreat!
  • Narrator: Share a boatload of fun with your family!
  • Captain George: You never need to be afraid to do what's right.
  • Simon: Now, now. Just because it rhymes doesn't mean it's a good idea.
  • Narrator: Bring home "The Great Escape!"

Trailer 3

  • Narrator: It was a bright and sunny day in the neon light-filled city of Ninaborough, until Martin "Chucklehead" Humphrey Marigold came to town!
  • Mr. Marigold: No one files me, understand! Especially you, My No-Longer Queen!
  • Captain George: MADNESS!
  • Narrator: Three wacky cohorts stand tall!
  • Alvin: You're surrounded!
  • Narrator: But against a rich tycoon, and his gang of evil-doers, three people just isn't enough!
  • Jericho Peas: What are you gonna do to that animal group, boss?
  • Narrator: Where do three boys go for help? In a land of mystery...
  • Simon: Woah. That's what I call a "fixer-upper".
  • Narrator: a town full of trouble...
  • Hamlin: Go work someplace else and see what good it does you!
  • Narrator:'s up to three boys, with the help of some friends, including a kindhearted princess, to go where no vegetable has ever dare to go!
  • Mr. Marigold: A time... to kill! Is today!
  • Theodore: Downtown Ninaborough is under attack!
  • Elliot: What's that?!
  • Narrator: Will the G.C.B. learn where to turn for help before the whole town is in ancient ruins, and before the kindhearted princess's hopes and dreams get crushed?
  • Sedgewick: (Screams)
  • Elliot: Okay, now I'm scared!
  • Captain George: You want to know why you were here. I told you God must have a reason. Perhaps He put you here for such a time as this. Perhaps, this is the reason.
  • Narrator: They came.... They saw....
  • Mr. Marigold: They're unstoppable!
  • Narrator: ...They conquered. Own "The Great Escape" on DVD and Digital Download today!
  • Alvin: I'll treasure it always.

Trailer 4 (never distributed)

  • Narrator: Pirates are fierce warriors, so why are these three slackers...
  • Alvin: Groovy chipmunk brothers.
  • Narrator: Groovy chipmunk brothers?
  • Captain George: Groovy chipmunk brothers!
  • Mr. Marigold: A time... to kill! Is today!
  • Narrator: Don't miss a hilarious new adventure with a great lesson in courage: "The Great Escape!" Now available on DVD!

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