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Strawberry Shortcake/Dinosaur with Strawberry Shortcake Clips and Dinosaur Sounds

  • Strawberry as Aladar
  • Orange Blossom as Plilo
  • Custard as Suri
  • Pup Cake as Zini
  • Ginger Snap as Yar
  • Honey Pie as Bayleene
  • Kimberly (from Catscratch) as Ema
  • Waffle (from Catscratch) as Earl
  • Purple Pie Man as Kron
  • Skips (from Regular Show) as Bruton
  • Margaret (from Regular Show) as Neera
  • The Pony's as The Herd
  • The Wildebeast (from The Lion King) as The Velociraptors
  • Raven as The Pterosaur
  • The Kolossus (from Code Lyoko) as Sharptooth (from The Land Before Time) as The Carnotaurs

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