Name: Stray

Title: The Destroyer Of Worlds


Age died at: 18


World Assassination;

Stray always wanted one thing, and that thing was to reunite people's hearts to darkness. He would do anything to accomplish that one goal. Stray would soon meet up with Ansem The Seeker Of Darkness (Xehanorts heartless) and they had a conversation about the of destroying worlds. Stray decided by destroying every single world, everyone would be trapped within a realm of darkness. Did his theory come true? Suprisingly Stray did not finish his task. He straight away set out to destroy worlds such as Axiens World. Since Axien Just owned All:


Pride Lands

Traverse Town

Deep Jungle



The World that Never Was


Here are the 8 worlds in the order of which Stray destroyed them.

The Apprentice:

Stray had a kid known as Ah looking for him. Ah interfered in Strays destruction in Wonderland so Stray had no choice over then to kill him. It turns out that the brave warrior Ah wasn't dead. Instead he was looking for Stray to seek his revenge. Ah was with a guy known as Axirken. Stray appeared in The End of the World where Ah was looking for him, with a tin of fear Axirken introduced himself to Stray. Stray then asked Axirken to become his apprentice and destroy the worlds when he dies, Axirken then agreed to help Stray and join the darkness.

The Ambush:

Stray met a guy known as Ferion and they both decided to ambush a powerful warrior known as Xecivien. It started when Stray destroyed Ferion's world known as Deep Jungle. The Deep Jungle King decided he would do a deal with Xecivien. Ferion would give a Princess Of Heart in exchange for help to destroy Stray. Ferion led Xecivien to The End of the World where Stray straight away made his appearance known by casting magic known as Stopga. They both attacked Xecivien and with that Xecivien fled with the princess. Stray would soon get revenge on the nobodies by destroying their world. (The World that Never Was).

One last World, One last battle:

Ferion decided he would go and destroy Halloween Town, to help Stray out. He didn't last very long because Xecivien would show up and cast stopga on Ferion. Xecivien would then strike him twice and just before Xecivien killed Ferion, Stray appeared and used the stopga on Xecivien. Stray and Ferion then began to attack Xecivien into a very long lasting battle. Xecivien would ask Stray to turn on Ferion and join him. Stray ignored Xecivien and kept attacking. Soon a girl known as Becky would appear and finish off what Ferion started by destroying the world. Ferion, Xecivien and Stray were stuck in a dome fighting meaning they had no escape. Which of course led to Stray's death.

All that remaines of Stray is the World Destroier Charm. This can be used to summon him when his apprentice is in danger.

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