Thomas: All I want is a bit of redefining
Gordon: There’s no other engine I won’t be outshining
Thomas: To get the speed I really need...
Gordon: Streamlining!
Thomas: Whoosh!
You'll wonder who was passing through
Gordon: Whoosh!
Give up, there’s nothing you can do!
Thomas: Whoosh!
But all you'll see of me will be...
A shiny streak of racing blue!
Gordon: My clouds today all have a silver lining
Thomas: To be a tank engine is so confining
Gordon: Cause I’m the cream,
The best in steam,
Thomas: Streamlining!
(gasps) Amazing!
I love it!
Gordon: Oh Thomas, will you stop your whining?
Too late,
I’ve got a date!
Thomas: Streamlining!

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