Nekketsu Kunio-Kun, known as Street Freaker in the United States, is a Japanese-American animated television series based on the Kunio-Kun series. The show features two variations; the Japanese version that is based on the original Kunio-kun series and the English version based on the Renegade video-game. The show does not bear similarities to the Double Dragon video-game series which is based on Kunio-kun.


After his best friend Hiroshi got beaten up by a bosozoku gang called the Wasabi no Kuno in Hanage High School, warrior Kunio sets out to defeat the gang to protect the honor. He must face the gang, along with a yokozuna sumo wrestler gang, a Feing-Qui gang and others.

US Edits

In the United States, the show is known as Street Freaker. Originally titled Street Funker, it was changed so controversy of the title would not happen due to Funker sounding similar to the word "f**ker".

Here are some of the character's Japanese and English names, including their bios:

  • Kunio - Cooney Rostenson
  • Hiroshi Yakamori - Henry
  • Sabu - Seymour Skinz
  • Shinji - Axel
  • Misuzu - Lenny
  • Shinichi Nobita - Ricky Anderson

Here are some of the edits:

  • The show has been westerized making the show's setting in America. The high school has been changed to Boombox Murray School. The Japanese railroad station has been changed to a public subway with graffiti replacing Japanese characters. Any references to Japanese culture has been heavily painted and edited such as anime effects have been removed, chopsticks are replaced with sporks, Japanese text have been changed to Pig Latin as it stated in the first episode that the goverment's main writing language is the code and some of the background music is popular songs.
  • Any scenes with violence were officially removed.
  • References to popular culture were remade into spoofs.

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