Strider Flamehart a Sith Hunter, aged four thousand years old, and is an impeccable warrior considered to be quite a force to be reckoned with. He became a Master of Dueling and learned to fight blindfolded at a young age with astonishing precision.

His life is seperated by several stages of development, starting with his Jedi life, then his downfall to the Dark Side as a Sith. Those two events were then followed by a two thousand year lapse of absence, in which he reappeared and became one of the Sith Hunters. Shortly after, he dropped this title and became a Mercenary once again for a long period of time. Finally, he was convinced to return to the Jedi Order as a Master, where he then fell out of good favor with them, again, and returned to his now current Sith Hunter status.

Jedi Life

Strider started at a young age as a Jedi. He had never failed or jeopradized a mission, but he was often called a bit rash, insubordinate, andf reckless. He had an unpredictable tendency to, on the spot, decide that rather go according to plan, he would do things his way, often creating great stress for his current Master.

He went through a total of four masters, all of which had quite a substantial amount of grief dealing with Flamehart at his young age. Two of the three masters fell against the Sith during the Jedi Civil War, the third abandoned Strider due to disagreement between the master and young Flamehart. His final master was Jayde Averre, who took Strider in despite everything she had already known about his troublesome nature.

Under Jayde Averre, Strider's wild nature was brought into far greater control than any Master previously could have ever hoped. Unlike other Masters, Jayde intentionally allowed Strider to act under his own instincts when he disagreed with the current situation, even if she knew a better method. This caused frustration in Strider, as half of his drive for doing it was purely to aggrivate his Masters. Also, his instinct wasn't always correct, and his plans would often run into a dead end while working with Jayde. His respect and obedience to her grew as this happened more frequently, and had to rely on his Master's knowledge to get himself out of the mess he often would get himself into.

The Battle for Kyron

Things began to change for Strider after a mission on his own home planet of Kyron. There, he was forced unwillingly to combat the Sith to recapture control of his home planet to its rightful owners - the inhabitant citizens. Strider and Jayde, bound by their Jedi code, were normally under strict orders not to intervene in the war between the Republic and the Sith armada, but in this circumstance, they had no choice but to engage the Sith in all out war for the capitol to achieve their mission's goal. Strider and Jayde both led several squads of freedom fighters into battling out for several security checkpoints before taking over the capitol building and capturing the corrupt Sith "committee" there, and in a twist for Strider, turned out to be his own father.

The "Father" was discovered later after questioning to be a mere disguise, a fluke, and was nothing more than a clone pawn of the original. Strider and Jayde then decided to launch a boarding attack on the Sith Starship in orbit over the planet. There, Strider met face to face with his true father, whom turned out to have been converted to the Sith, though poorly done. His blade was weakly assembled and his connection to the Force less than meager. However, in the duel, he managed to catch Strider offguard and struck him in his leg and shoulder. This did little to stall the young Apprentice, however, as his body seemed to become possessed, by what it is not quite sure. His body rose to fight once again and Strider was forced to strike down his own father. Afterwards, he reverted to what appeared to be his normal self, and lost consciousness just as the door to the bridge opened, letting the previously deterred Jayde in to rescue him and return him back to Kyron.

Kyron's people received their freedom, and Strider was returned to the Jedi Temple for healing. This was the beginning of the phenomenon caused by the Force within Strider, but certainly not its last incarnation. It appeared again, this time with far more consequential effects, during his next mission.

Secerran Incursion

Strider was sent on a double team mission with his Master and Master-Padawan team Master Vien and Jedi Apprentice Cylia to the planet Secerro to handle a political situation that was unfolding there. The planet was trying to establish ties with the Republic, but a resistance group protested its annexation into the Republic. Their job was to ensure the process went by smoothly.

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