Stuck in Sticky Stuff is the third episode of the nineteenth season of Thomas and Friends.


Fergus the stean traction engine loves his job, working at the cement works. One day, Fergus was sent to the Transfer Yard to pick up something.

When he arrived, he met Patrick and Buster, who were needed for something. Patrick the cement mixer was proud, and thought he was the most important; while Buster the steamroller was hard working. Fergus took them to the site of the new road, and soon they all began to work.

Fergus marshalled lines of trucks of clay from the cement works and back, to the site; while Patrick would create the cement, and Buster would roll out the road. The next day, Patrick and Buster's crew realised that the new road led through Fergus' line.

Patrick laid out the cement, as he thought it was the best thing to do, as he thinks he is proud and the most important. Buster drove over the new cement, although he was skeptical about the situation. After that, Patrick and Buster drove away, further down, continuing to make the new road.

Later that day, the cement had hardened. Fergus was travelling down the line, but it was too late. He hit the hard surface, derailed, and rolled down the road with his trucks of clay.

Up the road, Patrick was laying some new cement onto another part of the road. Fergus could not stop, so he slid in and got stuck in the new cement. His driver phoned for help, and soon Butch came to tow him out.

After being towed out, Patrick said sorry to Fergus and Buster, as he caused the accident. Both of them are satisfied, especially Buster; as he didnott think that Patrick's actions were right from the beginning.


  • Fergus
  • Patrick
  • Buster
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Butch (does not speak)
  • Diesel (cameo)
  • Jack (cameo)
  • Oliver (cameo)
  • Max and Monty (cameo)


This episode marks a number of things:

  • Fergus' first appearance since the seventh season, and in full CGI.
  • Patrick's and Buster's first full CGI appearance, and since Jack and the Pack.
  • The Sodor Cement Works and the Transfer Yard returns in full CGI.

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