Stuck in Tunnels is an Episode of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. It was first aired on August 27, 1995 in the UK and December 5, 1996 in the US.


Narrator: Oliver and Toad had a wonderful time pulling the Starlight Express. It made Sir Topham Hatt very Happy.

Sir Topham Hatt: You did a wonderful job Oliver. I'm very proud of you.

Narrator: Then he spoke to the others.

Sir Topham Hatt: My Railway is not doing very good today, so i send a Diesel to help out. Just make sure that you won't do any uh... Disturbances.

Duck: What does that mean?

James: That means this Diesel is difficult!

Narrator: But he wasn't. The Diesel was delighted to see the Steam Engines and Tidmouth Shed.

Diesel: What a Magnificent Shed you've got there. And what really useful Steamies you are.

Narrator: The Engines gasped.

Diesel: You didn't know that i'm actually a lover of Steam Engines. I've come from a Distant Country where Steam Trains are everywhere i go. I was built from another Country but came to another. My Diesel Friends also love those Steamies too. That's because i hate Scrap and my Driver makes lots of Money to save every Steamie. My name is Sophocle. Sir Topham Hatt has send me to the Island to help you, AND, to save more Steamies from Scrap. Speaking of Steamies, i've been told by Sir Topham Hatt that more Steamies from my Distant Country are coming to live and work on the Island. I want you all to be spick and span when they arrive, i want you to show them around the Island and show them how to get the Work done and fast.

Narrator: The Engines were delighted.

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