Student Bodies is a Chinese-American animated television series based on the 1997 Canadian animated series. While the show uses Chinese animation (Manhua Anime) for the real world, American limited animation was used for thoughts and imaginations and Computer generated imagery was used for the online world of the MMORPG game, Quest World. The show is created by Mike Judge (of Beavis & Butthead and King of the Hill).

The show origined in the animated sitcom/showcase series "Cartoon Factory". Only two animated shorts were produced for the show and were labeled as a "special short". Nickelodeon signed a contract deal for the series after the second short "My Life in a Video Game" premiered in the showcase.


After arriving at Edison High since the last grade, cartoonist Tod Lyman decided to publish a comic newspaper called "Student Bodies" that animates of what the school is really like.


  • Tod Lyman: The head cartoonist of Student Bodies who know the ropes of the school. He has a Quest World avatar which has never been seen but it's username is Todomation08. His catchphrase is "Hey, it's not real life, it's high school!". Voice of Mitchell Musso.
  • Shastaine: The editor of the Student Bodies who Tod has a crush on. Voice of Kesley Chow on her first voice over role.
  • Flastine Vickle: The head writer of the Student Voice newspaper that rivals Student Bodies and instead of displaying cartoons, shows interviews and quotations of the students. Voice of Aaron Carter.
  • Kyle Fenderman: A geek who is dating lovely goth, Rosemary. He is very shy and has a journal that explains his thoughts. His Quest World avatar is Sir Horace Hitsalot, a Medieval knight. Voice of Wil Wheaton.
  • Rosemary Redheather: A goth who is dating smart nerd, Kyle. She has an iffinity for spiders and ice cream and has a diary that explains her thoughts. Her Quest World avatar is Lunarella, a Level 51 elven sorceres. Voice of Jentle Phoenix.
  • Serefina "Crimson" Loveman: The leader of the goths who disapproves of Rosemary and Kyle's relationship. Her Quest World avatar is a monster named Crimson. Voice of Aliki Theofilopolous.
  • Harold Erikson: The leader of the geeks who enjoys his iPod, believes in aliens, has a curfew at 10:00pm and disapproves of Rosemary and Kyle's relationship. His Quest World avatar is Arrow, an elfen ranger. Voice of Alex Polinsky.
  • Harold Yerflaovski: A Jewish nerd who is overweighted and wears glasses. He believes in curses and overuses the word "dude" like Raj from Camp Lazlo and is laid-back. His Quest World avatar is Gorak, a dwarven warrior. Voice of Charlie Schlatter of Kick Buttowski.
  • William "Willy" Anderson: The youngest of the nerds, at the age of 13, who is very bubbly, wishes to be a part of most situations, hates being mocked of because of his height and likes cartoons. His Quest World avatar is Fizzle, a gnome wizard. Voice of Charlie Schlatter like Harold.
  • Edwin Heidmich: A Black-British goth with white hair who is Crimson's right hand man who enjoys writing many of the notes. His Quest World avatar is Drago, an anthropomorphic water dragon. Voice of Malcolm McDowell.
  • Jasper Hyduntern: The oldest of the goths who is silent, which is why he has no voice actor. His Quest World avatar is Ratfink, a pirate rat.

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