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StuffDone (requests granted during s1 and s2)

Shave your head!!!!!

From the room under the Pool at the PSC, the Language House, the Lambeau Cottage, or the Tower. (the Coit Tower is in s2e7 - is that the one you were talking about?)

robots (the guy painted silver at the end of s2e7 is a robot, I think)

Get some Res Life activities on the show, too.

San Francisco

Hey SD2Gguy! Long time watcher, first time writer. Big fan of the show. Any chance a future episode could focus on how to make homemade chocolate for the less fortunate? I always thought this would be a good weekend program for Student Life...just never seems to happen. Just wondering. Keep up the good work!

There should be more contests like the photo one last semester.

Please include Peeps in a S2D episode!  :)

Weidner Center stage...all by yourself
Inside the Kress Center
Plain White T's - March 4 - Riverside Ballroom Free to UWGB Students with ticket from UTIC! A Good Times Programming Event

Outside on campus.
More Ultimate Frisbee! ...played with sandwiches.

How about a nice thong?

More Cat.

More Root Beer.

This page needs to be more available for people to see, it seems kind of hidden (You mean the wiki page? I've added a wiki link to the bottom nav on every S2D page now - S2Dguy)

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