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Want2Do Stuff2Do?

It's simple, you can help create Season 2's Episode 2.

Share your ideas, and watch them come to life. You can help create the script for the upcoming episode. Want to see me wear a dress? Eat a raw egg? Fall down stairs? All ideas are welcome!

Opening ideas:

Anything that would make you laugh?

Where to film:

Tropical location? Ice fishing up north?

Costume suggestions:

Shave my head? Blaze orange seemed to work.

Event ideas:

Feb. 1-4 The Departed (movie) Share your show ideas-

Feb. 2 Groovin' Grounds - Elza (musician) Share your show ideas-

Feb. 3 Epic Hero (band) Share your show ideas-

Feb. 5 Naturally 7 (acappella group) Share your show ideas-

Feb. 7 Story Song Share your show ideas-

Feb. 13 Art of the Memo (Leadership Series) Share your show ideas-please dress up like a big chicken

Feb. 13 Love Gears Share your show ideas-

Misc. Thoughts:

Fire away!

I think you need to go out on location. Kind of a Jay Leno Jaywalking episode.

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