The Subspace Emissary is the adventure mode of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It will feature full-motion video cutscenes and an actual story, unlike previous game modes in the series. Another first for the series is co-op between two human players.



Mario and Kirby fight each other in the stadium, followed by a confrontation with the mysterious Ancient Minister and his Subspace Army, who arrive in Meta Knight's Halberd. Mario is knocked to Skyworld by Petey Piranha, who Kirby must fight. Afterwords, Kirby rescues either Peach or Zelda from Petey, and the other is turned into a trophy and kidnapped by Wario. Kirby escapes the ensuing Subspace Bomb with the princess he rescued.


In Skyworld, Pit sees the explosion down below and is sent by Palutena to help. After seeing the Halberd, he runs off and eventually finds Mario.

Sea of Clouds

Kirby and Peach/Zelda land on the Halberd, but are soon knocked off in the ensuing chaos that occurs when Fox attempts to land on the ship and is shot down.

The Jungle

Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are attacked by various enemies as Bowser attempts to steal the Kongs' bananas. They battle Bowser, who turns Donkey Kong into a trophy. Diddy Kong escapes. After beating Subspace Emissary, Toon Link can be found hidden in this level.

The Plain

Mario and Pit make their way through a plain and eventually find the Ancient Minister, who quickly flees with a Subspace Bomb.

The Lake

Diddy Kong finds Fox, and they are quickly attacked by Rayquaza. Later, they encounter a dark version of Bowser, and are then attacked by the real Bowser.

The Ruined Zoo

Lucas is chased by the Pig King Statue and is eventually saved by Ness. Lucas and Ness are attacked by Porky, and after defeating him, encounter Wario, who turns Ness into a trophy. Lucas then finds the Pokémon Trainer.

The Battlefield Fortress

Marth sees the Ancient Minister set off a Subspace Bomb and races to attack. He encounters Meta Knight, and they team up. Later, they find Ike, who helps them. In another area, Luigi encounters King Dedede, who turns him into a trophy and then steals Wario's trophy cart containing Ness and Peach/Zelda.

The Forest

Link finds Yoshi and the two team up. They see the Halberd as it flies by. Onboard the Halberd is a mysterious cardboard box.

The Research Facility

Zero Suit Samus enters the Subspace research facility and finds Pikachu. They enter a room where Samus sees her suit on a TV monitor.

The Lake Shore

Bowser appears and turns Peach/Zelda into a trophy when Kirby isn't looking. Later, Mario and Pit/Link and Yoshi encounter dark Zelda/Peach and defeat her. Seeing the characters beating up their princess, Link and Yoshi/Mario and Pit attack the other pair and get turned into trophies, but turn them back when they see their own princess on King Dedede's cart. The pairs meet Kirby and they all join together. In another area, Ganondorf watches Bowser's movements on a TV screen.

The Path to the Ruins

Lucas and the Pokémon Trainer see a Charizard flying nearby that the Trainer wants to capture. They see Wario and attack him, turning him into a trophy. They hear Charizard's roar inside a mine shaft. In his palace, King Dedede is putting badges on his three trophies when Bowser attacks the palace.

The Cave

Mario, Pit, Link, Yoshi, and Kirby enter the palace. They find Bowser, who has taken Peach's trophy, and her badge falls off and is found by Kirby as Bowser escapes. The Ancient Minister uses a Subspace Bomb. On his TV, Ganondorf suddenly sees the infamous Master Hand, who recruits him.

The Ruins

Lucas and the Pokémon Trainer enter the shaft. They find an Ivysaur that the Trainer captures, and later find Charizard, who the Trainer captures as well. After beating Subspace Emissary, Wolf can be found hidden in this level.

The Wilds

Marth, Meta Knight, and Ike see Galleom flying through the desert. They find and defeat Galleom, who jumps away from them and falls through the floor.

The Ruined Hall

Lucas and the Pokémon Trainer watch Galleom fall through the floor and land in front of them. They attack and finally defeat him as he sets off a Subspace Bomb. The two are rescued from the destruction by Meta Knight, who brings them to Marth and Ike.

The Wilds (2)

Mario, Pit, Link, Yoshi, and Kirby see the Ancient Minister and attack his forces. They find a Subspace Bomb but fail to diffuse it as the Ancient Minister leaves, seemingly saddened by his destruction.

The Swamp

Diddy Kong and Fox are attacked by Bowser, who turns Diddy Kong into a trophy, makes a dark clone, and then enlarges it. Suddenly Falco arrives to help Fox and Diddy Kong defeat the giant clone. Falco then joins their group. The three see a large skiff carrying the trophy of Donkey Kong, and Falco calls the Great Fox to help. After beating Subspace Emissary, Jigglypuff can be found hidden in this level.

The Research Facility (2)

Zero Suit Samus and Pikachu find Samus's Power Suit, but are attacked by two dark clones of Samus. After the battle, Zero Suit Samus gets her suit back and becomes Power Suit Samus. Samus is attacked by Ridley, and the two defeat him. They exit the facility and see a factory that makes Subspace Bombs.

Outside the Ancient Ruins

Olimar meets Captain Falcon, and they set off. They see Diddy Kong land on the skiff and save Donkey Kong. The skiff then enters the floating island where the research facility and bomb factory are.

The Glacial Peak

The Great Fox attacks the Halberd above a large mountain. Meta Knight starts climbing the mountain and meets the Ice Climbers. At the summit, they meet Lucario, who joins the party after beating Meta Knight in a duel.

The Canyon

The Halberd slams the Great Fox into the summit, allowing Meta Knight and Lucario to climb onto the Halberd. Mario, Pit, Link, Yoshi, and Kirby see Lucas, the Pokémon Trainer, Marth, Ike, and the Ice Climbers being attacked and go to rescue them.

Battleship Halberd Interior

Oboard the Halberd, the cardboard box is thrown aside to reveal Snake hiding inside. Snake finds Meta Knight and Lucario and they join up. They find a room where dark versions of Zelda and Peach attack them. After rescuing the princesses, Snake tells them to stay in the room.

Battleship Halberd Exterior

Zelda transforms into Sheik and she and Peach sneak away to the exterior of the Halberd. Fox arrives in his Arwing and is about to attack Sheik when Peach settles them down with tea.

Battleship Halberd Bridge

Snake enters the bridge to find it run by a large number of Mr. Game & Watches. Lucario and Snake join Fox, Zelda, and Peach, and are joined by Falco, and together they attack Duon, made from the Mr. Game & Watches. After the battle, a Mr. Game & Watch joins the group. Meta Knight flies the Halberd out of the Subspace cloud.

Subspace Bomb Factory

Samus and Pikachu infiltrate the bomb factory. They find a room full of Subspace Bombs and the Ancient Minister.

Subspace Bomb Factory (2)

Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Captain Falcon, and Olimar invade the bomb factory and find Samus and Pikachu. A hologram of Ganondorf appears and makes the Subspace army come under his control and attack the Ancient Minister, whose robe burns off to reveal an R.O.B. underneath. As the Subspace bombs prepare to go off, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Samus, Pikachu, Captain Falcon, Olimar, and R.O.B. attempt to escape on the Falcon Flyer, but are attacked by Meta Ridley, who they defeat. The Halberd and Falcon Flyer land in front of Mario, Pit, Link, Yoshi, Kirby, Lucas, the Pokémon Trainer, Marth, Ike, and the Ice Climbers.

Entrance to Subspace

Bowser and Ganondorf use a large ship to prevent the amassed army of heroes from entering the Subspace portal, but the ships get through by destroying the enemy vehicle. Ganondorf turns Bowser into a trophy and attempts to speak to Master Hand, only to see he is being held captive by a being called Tabuu. Tabuu defeats Master Hand and turns all of the characters into trophies.


King Dedede's timed badges turn Ness and Luigi back to normal, and they free King Dedede as well. The three make their way through Subspace, rescuing some of the characters who Tabuu had turned into trophies. King Dedede saves Bowser, who attacks him, but then joins the three.

Subspace (2)

Kirby is revived from being a trophy because he ate the badge Peach had been wearing. Kirby goes through Subspace, finding more trophies of characters and freeing them. Kirby finds King Dedede, Luigi, Ness, and Bowser, and they free all the characters they found. Link and Zelda decide to free Ganondorf. Wario also decides to help the heroes.

The Great Maze

In this level, a shadow version of every character (minus Toon Link, Jigglypuff, Wolf, and Sonic) and every boss must be defeated to proceed.

Final Battle

Tabuu attempts to turn all of the characters into trophies again, but is attacked by Sonic. The characters then attack Tabuu in the final battle and finally manage to save the world from the Subspace Army.


Image Boss Level Info
Petey Piranha Petey Piranha Stadium A villain from the Mario series. He uses the cages containing Zelda and Peach to attack Kirby.
Rayquaza Rayquaza The Lake A Pokémon from the Pokémon series. It uses a fireball attack that can be reflected and a number of swooping and diving attacks.
Porky Porky The Ruined Zoo A villain from the Earthbound series. He uses his spider mech to fire a horizontal or vertical laser, hover, release Porky-shaped bombs, and scuttle around.
Galleom Galleom The Wilds, The Ruined Hall An original character. He is a large robot with huge hands. He uses hand swipes, missiles, jumping attacks, and can turn into a tank. He is fought twice in a row.
Ridley Brawl Ridley The Research Facility A villain from the Metroid series. He flies around the stage and shoots fireballs, dives from the sides and background, and slides along on his tail.
Duon Duon Battleship Halberd Bridge An original character. He is a large robot with a symmetrical body, with large knives and hands. He uses knife swipes, charge attacks, and missiles.
Meta Ridley Meta Ridley Subspace Bomb Factory (2) A villain from the Metroid series, enhanced with cybernetics. He uses fireball attacks, swoops across the Falcon Flyer, and tries to pull the ship down.
Tabuu Tabuu The Great Maze An original character. He has a large number of devastatingly powerful attacks that must be avoided at all costs. He is the final boss of Subspace Emissary.
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