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In order to enter your suggestion into the mini-wiki, please follow these directions and fill out this unofficial template. Remember, replace all things within a pair of <> with your own words.

=<Suggestion name>=

<One-sentence summary of your suggestion, then ~~~~>


<General summary of your suggestion>


<The objective of your suggestion>


<Detailed description of your suggestion>


<Detailed description of how your suggestion determines quality>


<Notes on your suggestion>


<Helpful pictures related to your suggestion>

Getting it Onto the Main Page

In order to get your idea onto the main page, edit the section titled "Suggestions Links." Add a link on with "*[<url> <suggestion name>]." Also, make a forum thread regarding your suggestion on the respective forum. Finally, make sure you add the line [[Category:Akamipedia]] into the summary on the bottom.

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