The Suil Commonwealth is an empire on the bottom, left hand side of [map of the Dying Sun universe,] where Perseans are on the top left. They are a race of social, pouncing predators from an archepelago world.

In-Game Purpose

Society and Psychology

Ethos (for Karma Meters)

Economy & Trade Opportunities

As carnivores and genetic engineers, they appreciate new animal life to play with; plant life to a lesser degree.

Now that they know what metals do, they will avidly buy rare earth and more common metal.

They have little use, as a whole, for common helium fuel; they have more than enough.


They are excellent potters, weavers, animal husbands, and hunters; they have technology that can be described as "TL 1 + 7."


Weapons tend to be lasers, electromag cannons, and short range sprays of plasma and nasty chemicals.

They have mastered stealth and camoflauge.

Most of their ships are semi-sapient animals with hard shells.

Suil shields are screens of plasma erected in reaction to attack.


Terrapin heavy freighter -




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