SUjinara 3

Real Description:This is an article dedicated to a friend of mine who I care about very much, we plan on making this a real project on YouTube one day and we hope you enjoy our ideas.

Fantasy Description:

Sujinara is a very recent, Romantic-Comedy Science Fiction created by Alex Hopson that started in 2016 and is based off Jhonen Vazquez's Invader Zim.

It revolves around the Antics of four crazy kids named Sarah Ketchwood, Star Yumigon, Tenn Malloy, and Joshua. It also features there run ins with the Irken Empire, the people or aliens they meet and join up with along the way.

It also featured the actors from the original Invader Zim returning for the show and even features most of the actors from the original.

The series also featured some of the characters who appeared in the unaired episodes of the original Invader Zim, such as "the Trial", although it was heavily altered from the original episode.

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