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Summer Favourites is a VHS. It releases on NCH 1992 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.

15 cartoons included:

  1. The George Show: Gameshow Carnival in......Best Friends ForNever!
  2. Invader Zim: The Wettning
  3. The Ren & Stimpy Show: Fake Dad
  4. SpongeBob SquarePants: Bummer Vacation
  5. The Simpsons: King-Size Homer
  6. Tom & Jerry: Springtime for Thomas
  7. Pingu: Barrel of Fun
  8. Rocko's Modern Life: S.W.A.K
  9. Ed, Edd n' Eddy: Out in the Old, In with the Ed
  10. Courage the Cowardly Dog: The Chicken from Outer Space (Not an pilot episode)
  11. Looney Tunes: Stupor Duck
  12. Duck Dodgers: Till Us Doom Part
  13. DangerMouse: Custard!
  14. Count Duckula: The Lost Valley
  15. The Underdog Show: Safe Waif

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