He is a chracter from Doraemon.

His original name is Sueno Honekawa.

As Aladdin in Suneoladdin

He is a prince.

As Wart in The Sword in the Stone (Clark Style)

He is a kid who goes with Merlin.

As Pete in Suneo's Elephant

He stays with Colonel Hathi aka Elliot.

As Gazeem the Thief in Nobilladdin

He is a thief.

[[ As Angelo in Who Framed Nobita Nobi?

[[ As Scuttlebutt in An American Story - Treasure of Manhattan's Island

[[ As Pleakley in Bertha and Dumbo

[[ As Peter Pan in Suneo Pan

[[ As Smitty in Toby (aka Dumbo)

[[ As Lampwick in Nobinocchio

[[ As Pingo in Nobingu

[[ As Goofy/Jacob Marley in Oliver's Christmas Carol

[[ As Prince Achmed in Berliozladdin

[[ As Alice in Suneo in Wonderland

[[ As Timon in The Kitten King (Math98 Style Version) and those sequels

[[ As Bert in Shizuka Poppins

[[ As Jake in Suneo and the Neverland Pirates

[[ As Hercules in Suneocules

[[ As Tarzan in Suneozan

[[ As Bambi in Suneambi

[[ As Panchito in The Three Gatitos

[[ As Fidget in The Great Kid Detective

[[ As Fagin in Luke & Company

[[ As Human Kuzko in Suneo's New Groove

[[ As Sid Philips in Kid Story

[[ As Robin Hood in Suneo Hood

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