The SuperLab is blah blah balh

Setting up

The superlab is set up by technicians who begin by Selecting student workbenches

On Student Arrival

Material should be copied from Wikipedia wherever appropriate but must be acknowledged.

See above for an easy way to acknowledge it.

During Class

If the material is mostly just the sort of thing your wikicity would want, copying will save you a lot of time. It's much quicker to delete the bits you don't want and reword some of the rest, than it is to write it all out by yourself. Of special value may be the templates and other clever things that improve the display and usability; much thought went into most of them, and they can be used on other pages of your Wikia once copied.

Having the article in your Wikia is better than sending people off to read the Wikipedia article (and risk not being able to find their way back and/or not having internal links from it to other pages of your Wikia).

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