Here are my custom Thomas & Friends characters created by me.

Stan Marsh the Tank Engine

Stan Marsh is a blue tank engine, who is wise, generous and smart. His friends are Kyle Broflovski, the wise hard-working engine, Eric Cartman, the vain, selfish and mean-spirited red tender engine, Kenny McCormick, the troublesome saddle-tank engine and Butters Stotch, the small, wimpy tank engine. He is painted blue, with red lining, and blue wheels, also silimar to Thomas.

Kyle Broflovski the GWR Engine

Kyle Broflovski is a green GWR tank engine, who is a wise hard-worker. He is painted green with orange lining, and black wheels, also silimar to Duck.

Eric Cartman the Red Engine

Eric Cartman is a mix-traffic red engine, who is vain, selfish and mean-spirited. His favorite job is pulling express trains. He likes being clean, but he hates getting his paint dirty. Cartman is painted red, with blue and yellow lining, and black wheels. Also, he hates Stan, Kyle, Kenny and the other engines. Cartman is also silimar to James.

Kenny McCormick the Troublesome Saddle-Tank Engine

Kenny McCormick is a troublesome, unlucky, naughty and awkward saddle-tank engine. He often gets into accidents, by getting blown up, and falling off cliffs and bridges. Kenny is painted orange, with brown lining, and with beige wheels. He is silimar to Sixteen from The Railway Series.

Butters Stotch the Small Engine

Butters Stotch is a small, wimpy and cheerful saddle-tank engine. He is the only engine who likes Eric Cartman. Butters is painted yellow, with blue lining, with yellow wheels. He is silimar to Percy.

Wendy Testaburger the Beautiful Tender Engine

Wendy Testaburger is a beautiful tender engine, silimar to Emily. She is Stan Marsh's girlfriend. Wendy is painted purple with black lining, with purple wheels.

Chef the Tender Engine

Chef is a kind, royal tender engine, silimar to Edward. He likes the other engines. Chef is painted red with white lining, with red wheels.

Mr. Garrison the Green Engine

Mr. Garrison is a helpful tender engine, silimar to Henry. He knows the rules. He is painted green with white stripes and green wheels.

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