SuperMalechi's Custom Thomas & Friends Season 8 is the eight season of Thomas & Friends. It would've used the same writing style as Season 6-7, Michael Angelis as UK Narrator, Ringo Starr as US Narrator. And the episodes will be 7 minutes long. Ringo Starr as the US narrator will narrate Season 8-10 for US audiences. Then Pierce Brosnan will narrate Season 11-16 for US audiences.

Characters introduced

  • Nine and Ten (Duck's good friends)
  • Zack (the Bully Saddletank Engine)
  • Eric and Brian (the Twin Diesel Engines, who think they know everything about work, but always head into trouble)

Characters included

The Steam Team

  • Thomas
  • Edward
  • Henry
  • Gordon
  • James
  • Percy
  • Toby
  • Duck
  • Donald & Douglas
  • Oliver
  • Emily

Other Engines


  1. Duck Helps Spencer - Spencer refuses to listen to Duck's warnings about slippery icy rails and comes right off them and falls into a snowy bank.
  2. Nine and Ten - Nine and Ten arrive on Sodor and work on Duck's Branch Line, but Ten is rude and refuses to take freight cars.
  3. Peter Sam's Discovery - Peter Sam discovers a old line.
  4. Duck & The Twin Diesels - Duck warns two twin diesels named Eric and Brian only take 5 cars at a time, but Eric and Brian refuse to listen.
  5. Thomas & The Old Coach - While working at the Wharf, James has made some freight cars derail at the points, breaking them, so the two engines have to stay overnight. Thomas decides to go explore to a different line till he discovers an old coach.
  6. A Bad Day For Ten - When Sir Handel returns from the quarry with a much different attitude (which is more of a wiser engine), Ten is not happy about it, and says that Sir Handel whistles too much and that no respectful engines whistles loudly at stations. Later when Ten is to take coal to the station, he keeps ranting on about Sir Handel's new ways, till he goes right over the edge of a cliff and into the sea.
  7. Duke the Hero - Duke warns a foul mouthed Saddletank engine named Zack not to go over Narrow Gauge lines, but Zack pays no attention, and heads to trouble.
  8. Skarloey & Bertie - Skarloey and Bertie have a race.
  9. The Stafford Line - A new line is built for Standard Gauge and Narrow Gauge engines; the lines where standard gauge engines run and where narrow gauge engines run are put on top of each other. Rheneas is taking the workman to hold them.
  10. Baby Bop's Birthday - Today it's Baby Bop's birthday, and BJ tries to make it there, be abuse he doesn't want to be late.
  11. Barney and the New Signal - Barney helps Sir Topham Hatt build his new signal.
  12. Seventeen Returns - Seventeen returns and refuses to take a slow freight train and steals Annie and Clarebel from Thomas, causing a disturbance.
  13. Smudger Puffs Again - Smudger was found behind the shed of the Mid Sodor Railway and was restored, and has new set of wheels and is boastful about his wheels until he gets pushed off the rails and into a ditch.
  14. The Diesel Returns - The Diesel returns and is ruder than ever, but gets himself into an big accident.
  15. Fergus Helps Out - Zack refuses to listen to Fergus about the freight cars and causes trouble.

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