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This is my made up Season 5 of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. It aired in 1998.


  1. Cranky Bugs (this should of been a RWS story from a possible book "Haurbor Engines". Thomas and Percy would of told Sir Topham Hatt what Cranky has done to them instead of getting blamed by him. Daisy should of replaced one of Gordon, Henry, Duck, James' role, and Tidmouth Harbour should of replaced one role of Knapford Harbour)
  2. Little Old Twins
  3. Crosspatch
  4. Broncos and Muds
  5. Duck and Dukes
  6. Percy and Rosie (written by Andrew Brenner)
  7. Mountain Engine
  8. Bad Look Out
  9. Danger Points
  10. Devil's Back
  11. Happy Ever After
  12. Double Teething Troubles
  13. Old Stuck Up
  14. Crossed Lines
  15. Fire Engine
  16. Deep Freeze
  17. A Better View For Gordon (Henry could of replaced Percy's role)
  18. James' Shunting Problem
  19. Gordon Goes Foregin
  20. Double Header
  21. Ballast
  22. Tats and Whistles (a combination of Tit for Tat and Mikes Whistle (as Duck's whistle being faulty could of not been filmed. Plus, Duck's faulty whistle would of been only mentioned)
  23. Useful Railway
  24. Horrid Lorry
  25. Edward to the Rescue (Bertram would of been made to a tank engine and would of spoke and would of replaced Stepney's role, and Edward would of replaced Rusty's role. Plus, Andrew Brenner would of wrote this episode)
  26. A Little Western Christmas


  • George Carlin would continue as US narrator till Season 8.
  • In 2004, Ringo Starr would renarrate Season 3-7 and Mark Moraghan would renarrate Season 8.
  • This marks a few things:
    1. The first season to be made by Gullane.
    2. The first season to have episodes 9 minutes.
    3. The first season to have invidual writers and Andrew Brenner as head writer.
    4. The first season to have invidual voice actors.
    5. David Manident's only season as railway consultor.
    6. Phil Fehrle's first season as producer.
  • The s4 models and Sets would've of been continued use till the switch to CGI.

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