SuperMalechi's Planet Time Channel is a fan-fiction channel made by SuperMalechi.

Shows currently

  1. Thomas and Friends (Narrated by Ringo Starr, Alec Baldwin, Michael Angelis, Michael Brandon, Duane Lawrence, Pierce Brosnan and Mark Moraghan)
  2. Barney & Friends (Season 1-3 (Real version) and Season 4-present (SuperMalechi's version))
  3. The Wonder Pets
  4. SpongeBob SquarePants (Season 1-3)
  5. The Simpsons (Season 1-14)
  6. CatDog
  7. Freaks & Geeks
  8. South Park (Season 9-20)
  9. Futarama
  10. Recess
  11. Scooby Doo
  12. Pokemon
  13. Jay Jay the Jet Plane
  14. Annoying Orange
  15. Blue's Clues
  16. Bear in the Big Blue House
  17. Super Mario
  18. Yoshi's Island
  19. Ren & Stimpy
  20. Rugrats
  21. Two-in-a-Haft Men
  22. Teletubbies
  23. Little Bear


  • Some shows are rated Y, some are rated Y-7, some are PG, some are TV-14 and one is TV-MA.

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