My alternate Thomas the Tank Engine timeline is created by SuperMalechi.

Season 1

  1. Thomas Gets Tricked
  2. Edward Helps Out
  3. Come Out Henry
  4. Henry to the Rescue
  5. A Big Day for Thomas
  6. Trouble for Thomas
  7. Thomas Saves The Day
  8. James Learns a Lesson
  9. Foolish Freight Cars
  10. A Proud Day for Thomas
  11. Thomas and the Conductor
  12. Thomas Goes Fishing
  13. Terence the Tractor
  14. Thomas and Bertie's Great Race
  15. Tenders and Turntables
  16. Trouble in the Shed
  17. Percy Runs Away
  18. Henry's Special Coal
  19. The Flying Kipper
  20. Whistles and Sneezes
  21. Toby the Tram Engine
  22. Thomas Breaks the Rules
  23. James In A Mess
  24. Gordon Takes A Dip
  25. Down the Mine
  26. Thomas' Christmas Party

Rings Starr could of narrated all episodes in the UK/US.

Season 2

  1. Double Trouble
  2. A Cow on the Line
  3. Bertie's Chase
  4. Saved From Scrap
  5. Old Iron
  6. A New Friend For Thomas
  7. Percy and the Signal
  8. Duck Takes Charge
  9. Percy Proves a Point
  10. The Runaway
  11. Jack Jumps In
  12. A Friend in Need
  13. James' Bad Temper
  14. Pop Goes the Diesel
  15. Diesel's Devious Deed
  16. A Close Shave for Duck
  17. Better Late Than Never
  18. Donald and Douglas
  19. The Deputation
  20. Thomas Comes to Breakfast
  21. Daisy
  22. Percy's Predicament
  23. The Diseasel
  24. Wrong Road
  25. Edward's Exploit
  26. Percy's Ghostly Trick
  27. Woolly Bear
  28. Mavis
  29. Toby's Tightrope
  30. A Ffarquhar Christmas

Ringo Starr could of narrated all episodes for US/UK audiences.

This is the only season to have 30 episodes. This was also the last season to use Jupitor 6 music.

Mini series (1987-1988) - Really Useful Friends

  1. Tenders for Henry
  2. Super Rescue
  3. Percy and Stanley
  4. Sir Topham Hatt's Earth Day
  5. Bear's New Coaches
  6. Thomas' Nice Day
  7. The Celebration of the North Western Railway
  8. Toby's Old Brother

First season to use Proteus music.

Season 3:

  1. A Scarf For Percy
  2. Percy's Promise
  3. Gordon and the Famous Visitor
  4. Stanley's New Coaches (based off a possible RWS story)
  5. Donald's Duck
  6. Thomas Gets Bumped
  7. Thomas, Percy and the Dragon
  8. James Vs. Henry (based off a possible RWS story)
  9. Henry's Forest
  10. No Joke For James
  11. The Trouble with Mud
  12. Thomas, Percy and the Mail Train
  13. Trust Thomas
  14. Percy's Passengers
  15. Donald and the Breakways
  16. Edward, Trevor and the Really Useful Party
  17. James Goes Buzz Buzz
  18. All At Sea
  19. One Good Turn
  20. Daisy Gets Spooked
  21. Escape!
  22. Oliver Owns Up
  23. Bulgy
  24. Heroes
  25. Percy, James and the Fruitful Day
  26. Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure

Ringo Starr would still narrate this season up to Season 12 in US audiences, as Michael Angelis could of narrated the UK/AUS/NZ releases.

Mini series (between S3-4):

  1. Bluebells are Coming
  2. Stepney's Special
  3. Train Stops Play
  4. Bowled Out
  5. Granpuff
  6. Sleeping Beauty
  7. Bulldog
  8. You Can't Win

Season 4

  1. A Bad Day For Sir Handel
  2. Peter Sam and the Refreshment Lady
  3. Four Little Engines
  4. Thomas' Metal Detector
  5. High Speed Gordon
  6. Smokescreen
  7. Fire Escape
  8. Gordon Proves His Point
  9. Four Little Engines
  10. Duck Helps Out
  11. Bear's Best Idea
  12. Rusty Helps Peter Sam
  13. Home at Last
  14. Rock N Roll
  15. Special Funnel
  16. Scrambled Eggs
  17. What a Picture
  18. Trevor Helps Out
  19. Down the Drain
  20. Steam Roller
  21. Passangers and Polish
  22. Gallant Old Engine
  23. Stanley's Vacation
  24. A Rest for Toby
  25. Edwin and Harry
  26. Model Percy
  27. Henry and the Elephant
  28. Toad Stands By
  29. Bullseyes
  30. Thomas and the Special Letter
  31. Percy Meets Rosie (based off a possible RWS story of the same name from "More New Engines")
  32. Hiro Arrives
  33. Toby's New Friend (based off two possible stories "Charlie Arrives" and "Taking Turns" from "More New Engines")
  34. Thomas Meets The Queen
  35. Fish
  36. Mavis and the Lorry
  37. Special Attraction
  38. Toby Takes the Road
  39. Mind That Bike
  40. A Skarloey Christmas

Gullane would of begun in Late 1996.

This and JATP marks the last season to have 4 in a haft minutes episodes. Starting with S5, episodes became 9 minutes.

This marks the first season to have 40 episodes.

"Jack and the Pack" (1996)

  1. Oliver and the Dinosaur
  2. Jack Jumps In
  3. Jack and Alfie Swap
  4. No Dozer is a Island
  5. Treasure Hunt
  6. Patrick the Most Important
  7. Kelly's Scary Tale
  8. Friendship Story
  9. Kelly's Windy Day
  10. A Happy Day for Percy
  11. Nelson Helps Out
  12. Jack and the Quack
  13. Isobella Gets Steamed
  14. Thomas' Trusty Friends
  15. Thomas and the Moles
  16. Safety First
  17. A Tale for Thomas
  18. Alfie Has Kittens
  19. Max and Monty in Trouble
  20. Bossy Byron
  21. Mud Glorious Mud
  22. Alfie Has a Secret
  23. Kelly's Heroes
  24. The Importance of Being Patrick
  25. Alfie's Promise
  26. Jack and Alfie's Mail Deliveries

This series is filmed in 1986-1987 and was released in 1996. Narrated by Ringo Starr in UK/US, featuring S2 models and sets, and S4 music and sound effects.

Season 5

  1. Cranky Bugs (this should of been a RWS story from a possible book "Haurbor Engines". Harry and Edwin could of replaced Thomas and Percy's role)
  2. The Twins' Passing Problem
  3. D261 Does It Again (the Class 40 Diesel should of replaced Diesel's role, and Thomas should of replaced Duck's role, and Rosie, Stanley and Daisy could of appeared as well)
  4. Crosspatch
  5. Bucking Bronco
  6. Stick in the Mud
  7. Duck and Dukes
  8. Duck and Rosie's Discovery (this would of been a RWS story from "Tank Engine Stories", and Duck and Rosie could of discovered an yellow steam tram engine called Flora in the Other Railway)
  9. Mountain Engine
  10. Bad Look Out
  11. Danger Points
  12. Devil's Back
  13. Patience is a Virture
  14. Peter Sam and the Prickly Problem
  15. "Pop Special"
  16. Sir Handel Comes Home
  17. Thomas and Logan's Train
  18. Old Stuck Up
  19. Crossed Lines
  20. Fire Engine
  21. Deep Freeze
  22. Bill, Ben and Rosie's Adventure (written by Andrew Brenner, inprised by events of Triple Header)
  23. A Better View For James (James could of replaced Gordon's role, the dumb Percy would not of been used, as Rosie could of replaced Percy's role, and Duck would of replaced James' role)
  24. Little Old Twins
  25. Duck Saves The Day (Duck, Oliver and Bear could of replaced Rusty, Rheneas and Skarloey's roles, and that Bear's old coach friend "Old Slow Coach" would of replaced Rheneas and Skarloey's line)
  26. Percy Takes The Plunge
  27. Gordon Goes Foregin
  28. Double Header
  29. Ballast
  30. Tats and Whistles (a combination of Tit for Tat and Mikes Whistle (as Duck's whistle being faulty could of not been filmed. Plus, Duck's faulty whistle would of been only mentioned)
  31. Useful Railway
  32. Duck and Oliver's Summer Train
  33. Double Teething Troubles (based off a possible RWS story of the same, and Edward could of replaced Duck's role)
  34. Sir Handel and the Gremlin (written by Davey Moore)
  35. Bye George (Rosie could of replaced one of Thomas' role by having an accident by crashing off the rails, and crashing into a wet sticky sandy pit instead of a barn and Sir Handel and Duke could of replaced Skarloey and Rheneas' role, and Crovan's Gate could of replaced Boulder Quarry)
  36. Edward To The Rescue (Edward would of replaced Rusty's role, and Bertram would of been made to a tank engine, and would of replaced Stepney's role)
  37. Horrid Lorry (this could of been a RWS story from "Helpful Engines", and this episode would of been written a bit differently. Plus, Rosie could of replaced two of James" roles)
  38. More New Arsdale Things (a mixture of "We Need Another Engine" and "Sticking Power"
  39. Jock and the Teamwork (a mixture of "Jock" and "Teamwork")
  40. Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree

This marks the first time that episodes are 9 minutes.

This season is filmed in 1997 and aired in 1998. In addition, new stories are written featuring the likes of Andrew Brenner, Paul Larson, Laura Beaumont, Davey Moore, Mark Huckerby and Nick Ostler.

By the time Season 5 has aired, a new movie "Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends: The Movie" is announced and it was produced in 1999 and released in 2000, distributed by Warner Bros Pictures in association with Gullane Pictures.

The story is about Thomas and his friends meeting Lady the Magic Engine who has come to help out. Meanwhile Diesel 10 arrives and plans to blow up Sir Topham Hatt. It's up to Thomas and Lady to beat him to his demise. Narrated by Ringo Starr.

Season 6

  1. Salty's Secret (the China Clay Works could of replaced the Centre Island Quarry, and BoCo could've of replaced Mavis' role and Edward would of made an appearence. Plus, the episode would of been based on a RWS story)
  2. Bear's Bear
  3. Harvey to the Rescue (Edward would of done the role of Thomas, and only James would of insulted Harvey, and Oliver would of replaced Percy's role by crashing at Bulgy's Bridge since Bulgy's Bridge is from Little Western, that would of been originally from the RWS)
  4. Percy's Porridge
  5. Cab Over Wheels
  6. Foaming at the Funnel
  7. Wired-Up
  8. Duck the Really Useful Engine (Duck could of did the role of Edward, Bear could of done Duck's role, James could of done Gordon's role, and BoCo could of done Stepney's role, and the story would of been written a bit different, and Britt Allcroft could of written this episode with David Mitton.)
  9. Elizabeth's Rude Behaviour (the episode would of been about Elizabeth arriving on Sodor and being rude to Duck, Oliver and Bear until her comperence by breaking down)
  10. No Sleep for Cranky (Duck, BoCo and Edward could of made an appearence)
  11. Percy the Cheeky Engine
  12. Speedkiller
  13. Sir Handel's Plan
  14. Dirty Water
  15. I Name This Engine
  16. Old Stuck Up Takes a Tumble (Old Stuck Up and Duck would of replaced Gordon and Salty's roles for this episode, and the beginning scene would of been Old Stuck Up returning to Sodor to help out at the Haurbor for a few days, and Duck telling him that he will be too big for his wheels if he gets in trouble again. The accident scene would be longer. The driver would of warned Old Stuck Up to listen, but Old Stuck Up would not listen. This would of been written by Britt Allcroft and David Mitton)
  17. James and the Red Balloon (Rosie could of played Duck's role, Thomas could of played Stepney's role, Percy could of replaced Donald's role, Toby could of replaced Douglas' role, Duck could of played Thomas' role, Oliver would of replaced Percy's role asking Duck about the special. And the episode could of been a bit different. Aresdale Airfield could of been introduced)
  18. An Unhappy Landing
  19. Rosie Visits the Bluebell Railway (written by Andrew Brenner)
  20. Culdee's New Friend (written by Davey Moore)
  21. Percy Had a Little Lamb (Percy could of replaced Toby's role, and Salty could of replaced Duck's role)
  22. Edward and BoCo's Summertime (written by Jan Page)
  23. Daisy and the Flowers
  24. Sir Handel Tricks Again (this episode would of been written by Andrew Brenner, with some inspirments from No Joke For James)
  25. Duck and Bear's Spring Fun
  26. James Misbehaves in the Haurbour
  27. Duke's Picnic Train
  28. Jack Frost
  29. The Odesey of Number 7
  30. Rosie's Peanut Butter Mishap
  31. Percy and the Christmas Tree
  32. Thomas and the Theives (known as Stop Theif - UK)
  33. Rosie, Logan and the Hoppers (written by Andrew Brenner)
  34. Troublesome Saddletank Engine (which took place many years ago after Sixteen's restoration at the Midlands.)
  35. Toby Goes to Dean Forest Railway (written by Andrew Brenner)
  36. Duck's Slumber Party (written by Davey Moore)
  37. Shane Dooney's Fear (based off a possible RWS story of the same name)
  38. Patrick's Mine Adventure (based off a possible RWS story of the same name)
  39. Thomas Helps James (written by Jan Page)
  40. A Sodor Christmas (written by Andrew Brenner)

This was filmed in late 2000 to mid 2001 and aired in 2002.

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