SuperMalechi's Thomas & Friends Season 17 is different than the real one, with Season 6-7 models and different settings with a mixture of the Season 1-4 colors and the new settings from Season 6-12.


  1. Kevin's Cranky Friend - Kevin helps Cranky at the docks, but Cranky does not think he needs help even as the work piles up.
  2. Scruff's Makeover - Scruff gets a new coat of paint and refuses to work at the Waste Dump because he does not want to get dirty.
  3. Wayward Winston - Winston is frustrated because Sir Topham Hatt cannot drive him well, so he decides to go driver-less.
  4. Gordon Runs Dry - Gordon's boiler is damaged, but he is too impatient to get repaired or stop to refill with water because of the leak.
  5. Calm Down Caitlin - Caitlin has to spend the night on Sodor and keeps everyone awake.
  6. Sir Handel's DIY Disaster - Sir Handel has a huge disaster in trying to help Thomas.
  7. Henry's Hero - Henry and Hiro take on some bad coal and start puffing out black smoke.
  8. Luke's New Friend - Luke befriends a deer at the Blue Mountain Quarry.
  9. The Switch - Luke and Millie swap jobs for the day.
  10. Duck's Fishbowl - Duck helps Toby build a fishbowl.
  11. Inspector Percy - Percy pretends to be the inspector, causing trouble around the railway.
  12. Trusty Duck - Duck warns Spencer not to cross an old bridge, but Spencer disobeys the warning and gets himself into trouble.
  13. The Phantom Express - James tricks Percy into thinking there is a ghost at Ulfstead Castle.
  14. Percy's Lucky Day - After Percy suffers a bout of bad luck, Stephen gives him a lucky charm.
  15. Bill or Ben? - Bill and Ben trick Connor.
  16. Too Many Fire Engines - Some railway inspectors question whether Sir Topham Hatt needs two fire engines.
  17. Rosie's Snowy Day - Rosie tries to help BoCo clear the snow.
  18. Santa's Little Engine - Thomas has to rescue Sir Topham Hatt when his sleigh brakes away on a hill.
  19. Duck, Duncan & The Snow - Duncan refuses to believe in Duck's warning about icy tracks and gets himself into trouble.
  20. The Frozen Turntable - The turntable at Tidmouth Sheds freezes in one position and the engines argue about who should get the one accessible berth.
  21. Hiro Warns Sixteen - Sixteen tries to get Hiro to toughen up with the trucks.
  22. Away From the Sea - Porter arrives at the docks and Salty is convinced he has been sent to replace him.
  23. Salty's Flatcar - Percy causes Salty's flatcar to be uncoupled from him and it rolls away!
  24. The Smelly Kipper - Henry challenges James to take "The Flying Kipper".
  25. Gone Fishing - Porter helps Harvey see the positives side of being a crane engine.
  26. The Afternoon Tea Express - Stephen is given the job of collecting ingredients for the afternoon tea at Ulfstead Castle.

Featured Characters


  • Duck, Donald, Douglas, Oliver, Rosie and Molly would've been part of the main engines.
  • The Season 6-7 Thomas & Friends musical arrangements by Mike O'Donnel & Junior Campbell would've been used.
  • The models would've been continue used.

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